Meet Benedict Flores

Hi y'all! First things first, My name is Benedict B. Flores, Jr. but my fam and friends call me Arjay, Ben, Bengklok, Beneboldik, Ashti, Ballenz, and some kind of stupid names and stuffs but I find it funny tho and I just let them to call me what they want as long as they don't hurt my feelings and all.

I am currently living my 20 years in this world with just a simple and happy but sometimes sad life. I am a very jolly person especially if I am very close to you. To some people, their first impression of me was a snobbish person but as they get to know me, I prove them wrong. I show them my funny sides which I enjoy very much. 

I love MUSIC. Music is like my drug, my life, my wife, my friend, my family. I just can't live without it. Miley Cyrus is like my goddess and I always am thankful for her  because she was the one who introduced me to the kind of music that I like and enjoy. Because of her, I appreciate every music that I love. I will never forget how Miley showed me the real meaning of music. Many other artists are great in making such beautiful music but Miley gave me what I crave for and what I really slash honestly want. :)

I sing. When I was in elementary, I sang in some picked school programs and even in our own classroom. I also sing at the moment but not as good as I was before because of F*cking PUBERTY! UGH! But I'm still thankful that I have my own voice.

I dance but i think I'm not that good anymore. People say that I'm good at dancing but there's something that has changed so I rarely dance at the moment.

I play guitar and piano although I know to myself that I'm not as good as many talented people out there. I only learned by myself and I am very proud of it. I have my own way of playing my favorite songs and also some of the songs that I have written and composed myself. That's right, I compose songs too and currently have six finished songs and I still wish that I can record it professionally with all the instruments necessary to make it perfect. I also play lyre and flute but also rarely.
I am very melodramatic. I hate reading sad and touchy novels and watch some love story films because I cry easily even with the slightest sad scene. I actually cried once in 50 SHADES OF GREY, 4 times in 50 SHADES DARKER, and 16 times 50 SHADES FREED! My tears fell that randomly hahaha! I hate myself for it but that is also one of the things I like about myself. :)

This blog serves as my entertainment diary where I write stuffs on the recent films I watched, songs I heard, books I read, and any entertainment stuffs that I recently enjoyed. I write what I think about the entertainment stuffs, good or bad, but it doesn't meant that I criticized them. 



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