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Ever had that urging feeling of wanting to tell your friend, or at least someone, about your recently watched film/tv series/music videos, books you just read, albums/songs/singles you just heard? YEAH. The idea is bugging our minds when it's not yet sinking in our senses. 

That is primarily the main reason why I made this blog which I consider as my E-Diary (Entertainment Diary). 

When I watched a film, I get so psyched up especially when I really liked it and got too emotionally attached to it. I want to let the different joys or sadness I felt while watching it but if my friend/s haven't watched the movie yet, how can they f*cking relate on what I am talking about?

Same idea goes when I just heard a song. You know that annoying feeling when you told your friends/someone about a song that just got released and you just recently heard and then they tell you, "Oh. OK" (The I don't give a damn reply) but when the song spread like weeks later on different music players and even played on the radio, they are just like "Oh my gosh. I super love this song like, ever. The best song I have ever heard in my whole lonely annoying life." The f*ck? When I told you about it DECADES ago, when it was just released, you didn't care  even just a little bit and now you're walking and floating in the streets like you're the first one who heard about it. Yeah, real mature!

And same goes about the books I read! Ugh! And the list goes on forever.

Annoying, right? I am the type of person who definitely keep my own problems in my mind and if I won't let it out, I might explode and we don't want that to happen do we?

So, this is my entertainment diary where I post/write about the stuff I just watched, read, listened to/heard, or even dance to.

And to those people who are reading my blogs, as much as I want to, I don't want to be a spoiler unlike any other bloggers. I want you all to experience every little piece of juiciness that you will get when you watched what I just watched, when you heard what I just heard, and when you read what I just read.

I think I made my point. Goodluck and happy reading. :D
This is my public entertainment diary in where I channel all the emotional stuffs I keep inside about entertainment.  <3 Just Ride With The Entertainment's Flow, people!


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