Monday, July 20, 2015

It Follows (2015 US Film)

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Dear Entertainment Diary,

So last night, alone in my room, I've watched the film hailed as the Horror Movie of The Year (so far), It Follows, or should I call it "I'll transfer this curse to you so I can live a peaceful life but nahhhh",

Over all, I was impressed of the acting. I kind of like the story but the ending, not so much. I felt that it should not end like that. What happened to the FOLLOWer? Then I thought, I'll just wait for the sequel. I hope there is.

The film tells a story of a girl being followed by this ghost who can shape shift ever since she had sex with this lame ole guy with a fake name and fake address she met somewhere with the intention of transferring the curse to her, which is why this FOLLOWer started following her. Sounds complicated? No?

To make it more complicated, Jay, the protagonist, first transferred it to Greg, one of her friends, but he still did not believe everything she said about the FOLLOWer so he got killed instantly after it shape shifted into his mom.

She the transferred it to Paul, another friend, her first kiss, who also happened to kiss her little sister, at the end of the film. I don't know for what reason since she can still see it although it will not chase after her. SO it will chase her friend, so I guess he transferred it to some h*e and they ended up being a couple. YOU SEE? LET'S HAVE S*X.

The story is kind of interesting since the theme where you can transfer a curse thru sexual intercourse is kind of original to me. My interpretation of this film is to don't have sex if you don't the person, yet. It can prevent you on seeing ghosts! :)

Probably this film is telling us about STD.

One question in my mind is why does the FOLLOWer have to be nude and all? ;/

Go watch the film, it's worth watching!


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