Monday, September 10, 2012

Detective Conan: Kudo Shinichi's Written Challenge

Detective Conan: Kudo Shinichi's Written Challenge
I just finished watching the first live action tv special of my favorite anime of all time, DETECTIVE CONAN! Probably, you are all saying, "Huh? You just watched it now? But it aired a long time ago." Who cares? I actually had a copy of this tv film last year but got f*cking deleted for some unknown unexpected reason. 

About the TV SPECIAL:

It was aired in Japan on October 2, 2006 and got a viewership ratings of 13.0. As I said above, it is a live action tv special adaptation of one of the best, longest-running and highly-acclaimed anime series and manga, Detective Conan, created by Gosho Aoyama (thanks!). The made-for-tv movie is made to celebrate the 10th year anniversary of the very popular Japanese Anime.

"The tv special takes place the time before Shinichi Kudo got shrunk and made into a kid, Conan Edogawa. He was still a high school student at Teitan High School back then. The story revolves around when the famous high school Japanese detective receives a challenge letter from an unknown person who only called himself/herself as KIDNAPPER, threatening/giving hints on how,where and when the kidnapping will occur. The kidnapper chose the day to kidnap one of Shinichi's classes during their field trip. Now, it's all up to Shinichi to know who will be kidnapped and how to stop the evil attempt of the culprit."

It stars Oguri Shun as Kudo Shinichi, Kurokawa Tomoka as Mori Ran, Jinnai Takanori as Mori Kogoro, Iwasa Mayuko as Suzuki Sonoko, and Nishimura Masahiko as Inspector Megure.

This is actually the 2nd Detective Conan Live action special that I have watched. The first is Detective Conan : Challenge to Kudo Shinichi, a live action TV Series special and the fourth installment from the Live action special starring Mizobata Junpei as Kudo Shinichi and Kutsuna Shiori as Mori Ran.

Some Screencaps and behind the scenes:

To tell you honestly, I am torn between Junpei and Shun on who's the better actor in portraying Shinichi Kudo. They both did well on their job. But what I hate about in this film is that the actor who played Inspector Megure is kind of over acting. I kind of hate how he portrayed Inspector Megure, even his appearance is kind of over the top.

Detective Conan is definitely no doubt, hands down, one of the greatest, best, and not-surprisingly most amazing anime's there are. I am so addicted to it that I even downloaded every single episode since 2010 but sadly, I'm currently stuck in episode 377. It is one of the longest-running anime's and has more than 10 theatrical and made-for-tv films. It is highly-anticipated and very popular not just in Japan but also all over the world. 

Sources of images used:

I think the whole movie is also uploaded in youtube. 


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