Wednesday, March 13, 2013

22 Music Video by Taylor Swift

"Who's Taylor Swift anyway? Ew" - LOL

Dear Entertainment Diary,

After watching the music video of Taylor's song "I Knew You Were Trouble.", I have read in Taylor's wiki page that her next single would be 22 and it would be released on February something. But the date of released changed to March 13,2013 the next time I visited the page so I think it sucks because I have to wait another month before I could see her new vid. But I realized that Tay-Tay is a very busy woman, has hectic scheds and doing some writing new songs either about her ex, her present bf, or friends so I waited patiently for this day to see the new video and guess what? It was just released 3 hours ago! Whoopie!

So this is her 4th single from her latest album, Red, and this is one of the best songs in it!Vert upbeat and overly energetic because of its beat, and could also be a party anthem, especially when you are having a slumber party with your friends!

You know what? For me, this is my most favorite Taylor Swift video to date! So, move over Love Story and You Belong with Me! I have a new fave now!

What I like about this video is clearly, for me, it is a far step up from her previous music video, I Knew You Were Trouble, as it is very dark, and I hate small screens when it comes to music videos. Although both videos were directed by the same director, 22 elevated in my likeness as it contains many fun scenes and we could see Taylor doing her fun stuff, naturally! There are so many scenes here that are must like and must see, especially when the camera focused on Tay-Tay and were played in slow-mo, she's just GORGE! This video made me like her more than ever! I Knew You Were Trouble has a great music video, as well, but it delivered and showed us dark side and a new punk Taylor, but here in 22, we could see that she is really in her natural self, having fun with her friends in the beach, partying in the pool side and a club/mansion, dressing up, and forgetting deadlines, problems, and most of all, her exes, and these were shown in instagram styles! Oh, and Tay-Tay surprised us in the end with her "Free-Fall" hahahaha! Love it!

Visit this for Red's Hidden Messages to know who were the inspiration for this song.

Enjoy the video, guys!

The image was taken on 22's wiki page.
(c) Big Machine Records
(c) Taylor Swift


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