Thursday, October 02, 2014

Sundays at Tiffany's (2010 Movie)

The right choice isn't always the best choice.

Dear Entertainment Diary,

Hello Again. So I'm a huge fan of James Patterson, the author, who is known for his detective style novels. Though I haven't read that many of his writings. But I really love how his way of pulling of tricks of the killers or how the cops/detectives/Alex catch the crooks but there's one of his many best selling novels that caught my attention.

Sundays at Tiffany's. OK. I haven't finished the book, yet (I was reading it thru my mobile phone) and I was in the middle of reading it but I finally got tired of it and just decided tow watch the film.

I just love how the story goes where there's a girl with her imaginary friend who in the end, after leaving her for 20 years, came back for her and became her partner.

I know, in real life it can't happen, but who knows? Love has no limits. It knows no boundaries.

To tell you the truth, when I was done watching the movie, I just don't get the connection of the place, Tiffany's (I think it is an ice cream shop?), where our 2 heroes used to spend their Sundays together as children, in the movie. The place was only shown once, and it was in the start, and it was never shown ever again.

The child actress who played young Jane is so good that I fell in love with her the moment she cried while Michael was leaving her on her own in the elevator during her 10th birthday.

As I said earlier, I did not finish reading the book but I have a good guess that its ending is not as bad as the ending of the film. I mean, I liked the films ending but it did not go through my feelings that well. It's not properly executed that while I'm typing this post, all in my mind is to read and finish the book.

I love the actors who played in the movie. It's just that I still don't appreciate how they perform and give their own interpretation of the book.

The laughs, the sadness, and the touch in the heart is there. It's just that I'm not satisfied. I feel that it's lacking something. Something that Jane was looking for while picking her Bridal Dress, like when she was picking her wedding flowers, etc.

Now what I want is to finish the book, or probably want to wait another remake of the book where everything we need to know about the book, the whole story, the info, and where we can find the answers that satisfy us in all the questions that built up while watching the film.

Cast (wikipedia):
Alyssa Milano as Jane Claremont
Eric Winter as Michael Friend
Kristin Booth as Jacqueline
Emily Alyn Lind as Young Jane
Ivan Sergei as Hugh Morrison
Stockard Channing as Vivienne Claremont
Gage Munroe as Young Michael


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