Monday, September 09, 2013

Miley Cyrus Bares all in New Video, Wrecking Ball

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Dear Entertainment Diary,

So here I am, updating you again about Miley's newest video, Wrecking Ball. I'm actually updating using my tablet and I hate it cuz it's hard and it keeps on hanging.

I can't even see what am I typing right now so sorry for some typos and stuff.

Anyways, after the VMA incident regarding Miley's performance, a lot has been questioning her personality and that is just rude.  I mean, they are saying she changed a lot and wants to grow up easily. Who cares? Just let her do what she wants.

And now, in this video, Miley did what she wants, to be bare naked and lemme tell you, she is damn sexy and hot!

Yet again, a lot has been questioning her regarding being nude in a video while in fact, many artists did it already.

For me, this is her most emotional video to date. This video contains more than nudity.It has her emotions that made me wanna cry while watching it and I did not felt anything greenish while watching it. It's like art. She was just like Rose being painted nude by Jack in the Film Titanic. It's for artistic passion.

Say what you all want but I'll keep on supporting my queen no matter what. Let's break the Vevo record by the way!

Watch it now!!!!


DAAAMMMMNNN! Our queen just regained the record for Vevo's Most viewed video in 24 hours with 19+ million. The video is currently has 90 million views and its oin its way to gain 100 million views which is also a new record, well, she has the record for the video with fastest 100 million views anyways. And now she's gonna set her first number 1 in single in Billboard's Hot 100 so let's go help her make it, Smilers!

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