Friday, September 14, 2012

The X Factor US Season 2


OK, so last night I have watched the Season 2 premiere of one of the biggest talent-singing competition/search in the US, THE X FACTOR SEASON 2. To tell you the truth, I'm one the people who has a bipolar attitude to Simon Cowell, one of the judges in the show, which is just normal, I think? Since I saw him on American Idol, I kind of think that he is so rude in giving some constructive criticisms to the contestants, he is very straight to the point. I find his comments harsh but funny at the same time but also, i understand that he needs to be harsh or rude, he needs to be honest to some people and I know what he was saying is for the better.

I actually waited for the show earlier this year since I read the news that Britney Spears and Demi Lovato will be the new judges, replacing Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul. I was so excited because I have missed Demi so much especially when she left sonny with a Chance for an understandable reason. :) I think the new 2 lady judges both did well on the first episode and i actually like Britney's rudeness! HAHA

Moving on to the show, the first episode, which was the audition is a good start. I like Paige Thompson (Rihanna-Look-a-like), the girl who gets bullied (I forgot her name), Reed (The Justin/Greyson Look-a-like) and of course, the EMBLEM 3! woohoo, they rock although something in them isn't right....

What I hate during the show is one of the contestant, Kaci Newton. Although I find it weird that they televised her rudeness towards the other contestants especially to Paige. It's just that, why were they focusing on her? Is she a subplot or something? But I know that I hate her attitude.

There are so many laughs and anger that happened during the first episode and I actually enjoyed watching it. i just hope I'm not gonna be too lazy to ignore the show. I'll do what i can to watch the whole season (fingers crossed).

OH! I almost forgot. I like Simon's new t-shirt. I've never seen him wearing that before. HAHA!

"You are like a mouse trying to be an elephant"
'It sounded to me  like you are dying"
---Simon. HAHAHA

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