Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Voice of The Philippines ( 2013 Reality Talent Search Competition)

Dear Entertainment Diary,

Happy 100th post!

So, I am a big fan of The Voice US. I love everything about that reality TV Talent search especially when it comes to the coaches/judges/mentors! Adam, Blake, Christina, and Cee Lo started it off, then the 2 in the latter were now replaced by Shakira and Usher, respectively, but I think in Season 5 they will be back.

Moving on. It's been so long ago that the Kapamilya network announced about their franchise of the show and I got excited! I got more hyped when one of my favorite blogs, Fashion PULIS, let his readers know who are the judges going to be and they are all very famous and talented whet it comes to music! They are not just what they called so-so. Let me begin with my Idol Lea Salonga ("The voice that conquered the world"), then Apl de Ap ("The voice that ruled the worldwide music chart"), Sarah G. ("The voice that captured our hearts") and Bamboooooo ("The voice that rocked our world") ! Yeah! Who wouldn't b excited?

But months ago, FP also revealed/compared the set/stage of The Voice Philippines from the other 2 more The Voice franchises here also in Asia. I think Thailand is the one and I just forgot the other one. Hongkong perhaps?

Based on what I've seen at that time, the two other franchises were more HIGH TECH compared to our country's franchise. And what more, it is a far cry from The Voice US's set/stage! Aside from its set, there were also some rumors/blind items about the show which lessen my excitement. But, Bad publicity is still publicity.

So tonight, The Voice of the Philippines finally debuted its Pilot episode and I was disappointed about the set! Really disappointed because it is one of the features that I love on The Voice US. The chairs were turning slowly. I don't know, 10 seconds before the judge can face the contestant? Just Kidding! But it was really slow.

BUT, the judges blew away my disappointment especially Lea Salonga! I love her energy! There came to a point where I think she's being OA but she's just so cute and adorable to hate! I really love her so much and we can see how she really want to be a mentor in this competition and she's aiming to be the first mentor to win. Bamboo is just mild but his words were very nice, real, and has meanings. What he said were inspiring and colorful especially the part where he said, "We'll play around" HAHAHA. Apl is genuine in his words although I didn't like his outfit but he is being real. He can relate to the contestants who come from poor families! Sarah G, is just so honest in her words! She's being real but I think she is just too polite, saying PO or OPO all the time. Ms Laida Magtalas, I mean, Mrs. Montenegro, You need to be  Rayver, I mean, BRAVER. BOLDER. FIERCER.

So to sum the pilot episode, IT'S GOOD and PROMISING. I love it but not 100%. I probably will watch more episodes of it but I hope I can still see the judges being hyper, honest, and professional! 

I hope it won't be scripted just to gain attraction or won't be a charity case as what happened to some of  the reality search here in the Philippines! I hope they stay true and find the one of the Best Voices of the Philippines!


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