Tuesday, June 04, 2013

We Can't Stop by Miley Cyrus (2013 Song)

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Dear entertainment Diary,

Yes! Finally, my goddess, Miley Cyrus, finally let her fans hear her latest single after 3 years! Everyone knows she was very busy lending her voice to many of the songs of the many talented male singers out there including Will.I.Am and Snoop Lion. Man! I know that this song, We Can't Stop, is very far from her former pop rock songs and more adult than her previous songs in her album especially during her Disney/Hannah Montana days as she embraces a new genre, urban and a lot more R&B.

For me, the song is not a typical song to be a single but as of now, it's proving itself on the charts and I hope it'll debut this week on top! Anyways, as I said, it's not a typical song for a single but as a comeback song, it's fine. The beats are there and the voice is still kickin' and larger than her usual voice. I just don't know what to do while listening to the song; should I dance because of its beat and meaningful lyrics about life or should I cry because if the drama that is accompanying Miley's voice and dramatically played piano notes.

There is quite a stir all over the internet since the song was heard that the lyrics were pertaining about drugs but the producers already denied it and I, as well, can't see anything about it on the lyrics. I'm singing the words as Miley, not MOLLY, thank you very much.

Literally speaking, the lyrics is about doing what we want when we are in a party but as I understand it, I can see as I dug deeper that it is about life. Like no one should care about the things we are doing as long as it is right!

Go download it on iTunes people and can't wat for the music video!


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