Thursday, September 25, 2014

All About You ( Hilary Duff 2014 Music Video )

Images courtesy of wikipedia.

Dear Entertainment Diary,

So it's been, I don't know, more than a month ever since I got addicted to this song? Hey baby. baby.

I'm so thrilled and excited upon hearing/reading that one of my queens is now en route to return and continue her singing career. I mean, no doubt, the girl has voice and talent, and her latest single is very catchy and cute. Very addicting to listen to and to jive in.

So here's the video where Hilary is kind of a sexy and stylish cowgirl who is in love with an unknown guy!

Hilary, welcome back. Although I kind of love her previous comeback single, Chasing the Sun, All About You has a different style where all of us can dance while singing in to. Have fun watching the music Video!


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