Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Throwback Movie: Bring It On: All or Nothing

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Dear Entertainment Diary,

Hey guys! It's been a while, like, I don't know how long has it been since I last post here, and I just got really busy and stiff but I really miss doing this entertainment diary where I can share all my thoughts and all the stuff that pops in my head.

Been watching a lot of movies/animes/series lately but I want to post about the movie that I just l Re-Watched, Bring It On: All or Nothing!

I know. Old School, but this movie is soooo deliciously funny, all I did is to download it again and re-watched the movie, for like, the 10th time!

This film is not just about cheer-dancing. It's also about Friendship and Love (if you dig deeper in the story).

We all know and love Hayden Panetierre, right? Saw a lot of her movies since she was a little young-un, but this, for me, was where she stood out. 

The dancing skills wasn't that good but it was all worth the watch. 

The story is all about Britney Allen's life after she resigned as the Cheer Captain of her then-School, Pacific Vista, and transferred as the New White chick in a School of Ghetto, Crenshaw Heights.

Her previous cheer mates asked her to officially swear in all of them that she won't ever cheer again, but, cheering is her life. Cheering is what she loves to do and we all know that we will do anything, or everything, rather, just to do what we love!

At first, it was so hard for her to move on and blend with the new race where she is currently in, but because she is beautiful, talented, and all, she obtained the trust of the cheerleaders in her new school who saw her potential and got her in the team.

This was where the new roller coaster of her life began as she hides her feelings for a new man she loves, she hides her current cheering status in her old friends, and hides in her new cheering squad that she still wants to cheer with her old squad.

Just watch the film (if you haven't seen it, yet) and sing along with their cheers!

CAST (from

Hayden Panettiere as Britney Allen
Solange Knowles as Camille
Gus Carr as Jesse
Marcy Rylan as Winnie Harper
Cindy Chiu as Amber
Giovonnie Samuels as Kirresha
Francia Almendárez as Leti
Gary LeRoi Gray as Tyson
Danielle Savre as Brianna
Jake McDorman as Brad Warner
Jessica Fife as Sierra
Eric Bruskotter as Timothy Allen
Kiersten Warren as Pamela Allen
Rihanna as herself
Swin Cash as herself

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