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UPDATED: Amnesia (2013 Completed Anime)

Dear Entertainment Diary,

I was so happy yesterday that I finally acquired another achievement technologically. Well, it's just that after a year or so of trying to stream using my phone (still have em ole Nokia E71), I finally, thank Heavens, did it  and now, aside from YouTube, I can technically stream anything I want (I hope so), as long as I have the download link of the said video. And guess what video I streamed yesterday? Yep. It's this Anime, Amnesia.

You probably know what Amnesia means, don't you? It's a condition where someone forgets everything about him/her or sometimes, some small parts of his/her life. There is also a tendency where he/she only forgets about a person, especially the one that's very important to him/her.

And, this anime, as the title suggests, is about a girl who just woke up on August 1 and can't remember anything that had happened in her life before that day. Names, Places, her job, families, everything. Every memory from her past is just wasted and erased.

When I streamed episode one on my phone, I actually liked it's mysteriousness. The way how the writers don't actually slip any single detail that will ruin the surprises they serve for us in the end of the series. The way how they keep the anime's atmosphere and let us feel that we were actually there to witness every single scene; romantic, funny, sad, irritating scenes, name it. The way how they let us decide on how we view every character; whether to hate or love them. The way how we say "What the hell?" while watching the  anime because we can't understand what's currently going on. And I love "these ways".

For me, episode 4 is where the series truly began. It is where the wonderful shiny light has brilliantly shine o my face and makes me realize and somehow partly understand what's really happening in the story. It is where I finally caught the some twists and loops. In short, it is where I started to love this anime MORE.

So far, I have only watched 5 episodes for I stated in its title, it's currently on-going which started broadcasting on January 7, 2013 in Japan and is set to end with 13 episodes.

This anime is very secretive. It is adapted from a visual novel playable on PSP. Remember the one of the best visual novel To The Moon?
"In Amnesia, the male characters that the female player character can interact with are based on the symbolic suit symbols from a playing card deck with the following story lines (commonly known as 'routes') in the game: Heart, Spade, Diamond, Club and Joker. Depending on which route is chosen, the player's relationship with each character is different." 
--  Gameplay From wiki.

These characters are drawn beautifully! Very artistic. (As usual for the animes). Yeah. Like the usual anime outfits and costumes, it's very weird how they are dressed but what I love the most are their eyes; The shades of the color.

Heroine - Yes.In the visual novel, she is called the heroine. In the anime, she doesn't have a name yet. She is the girl who lost her memories after waking up on August 1 and is now worrying about on what's happening in her life. For me, she is a lucky lucky, very LUCKY girl for she has so many boyfriend---- I might as well not tell. HAHA! :) 

She has been seeing flashbacks or hints about her past and she's not quite sure if it's reality or not.

Shin (Heart) - Ah... Shin. He is probably the front runner on who I want the heroine to be with in the end. He is kind of a bad boy and from how much I have seen him  in the anime, he, Toma, and the heroine are childhood friends; they grew up together. In a flashback, we saw that he confessed to the heroine that he killed a guy but in episode 4, the flashback/memory was wrong when he finally told the heroine that his father was the one who killed a drunken man which mad his world upside down but Heroine and Toma didn't leave him on his own and still become his friends. He is the first shown boyfriend of Heroine and known as always stressing and wants things to happen very quickly.

Ikki (Spade) - (Icky is what I like to call him). He is the 2nd boyfriend that was introduced in the anime. He is very popular with the girls and has his own fan club. In the beginning of the series, I think that it's because of him why Heroine was kind of verbally attacked or sort of like that by the girls who have a crush on him. He only likes Heroine because she easily did not fall for him just like the other girls do. In the series, it is stated that he is best friends with Kent and he is very good in playing sports that use hands, which I think almost all of the sports available on earth. I hate him for what he said in one episode where he'll fulfill one of Heroine's wishes because he was late. He said, he prefers sexual wishes. It is also stated that he always breaks up with his girlfriends after 3 months of dating and currently unknown what the reasons are.

UPDATED: (March 5, '13)

We saw why Ikky is so popular among girls. It is because when he was young, he wished on a wishing star to be popular among girls and it came true. We now know why Ikky breaks up with her relationships every 3 months. WHY? Blame her fan club! The girls want to share him all the time so the girls all agreed to date him one by one but with conditions. The girl who is currently dating Ikky should always update what's happening everyday. (Remember the anonymous text messaged being received by Heroine every night during the time when she was dating him? Yep. That's the reason why.) And because of his girlfriends always break up with him after 3 months, he thought he could never find true love/fall in love so he decided to make her relationships only last for 3 months and date different girls only for FUN! But his view about love changed when he met Heroine and this time, he really fell in love with her. The thing is, the girls in the fan club didn't know that Heroine doesn't remember anything so they thought she broke her promise of not updating them about Ikky and taking him only for herself.  He got out of Ikky's route, this time, when the 3 b*tches bullied her and pushed her in the boat.


I know that he was JOKING/TESTING/KIDDING/WHATEVERING when he said about the sexual wishes thingy. But here's the thing FOR ME, I think it's rude for a guy to ask/tell her about the things like that. Serious or not, it's rude for a guy to ask a girl those kind of things. Well that's according to my point of view. It's just to clarify anything. And because of that sexual thingy is also because why I don't like him to be heroine's partner. :) We have our own opinions and I fully respect yours. Feel free to comment down here if you are against or somethng to say about this post. 

Kent (Club) - The only things I know about him is that he is best friend with Ikki and that he is a very intelligent person. His nickname is Ikkyu and he likes doing math puzzles. 

UPDATE: (March 5, '13)

Kent only dated our Heroine for only an episode and a lot of fans wished that it should be extended because it's kind of unfair! Yes, I think kit is but it's okay for me because Toma came in earlier than I expected. :)

Kent actually isn't the type of gentleman some girls could wish for but he is very sincerely in love with Heroine and do his best just to make her happy including approving to go to the festival with her even though he has no interest of doing so. As I remember, he works in the university and because Heroine wished to spend more time with him, he invited her and spent some quality time without talking! HAHA. Boring but fun. Huh?

He actually interacted with Orion when Heroine and Orion confessed everything about her loosing her identity and stuff and I think he fully believed in her. He communicated with Orion through Heroine and he really wanted to help her. Heroine got out of his route when they were walking and someone bumped our heroine. (I think she really is clumsy especially in this episode!)

Feel free to correct me if there are some wrong infos please.

Toma (Diamond) - He is my 2nd most fave guy in the series. Very alive,cheerful and funny. He is bestfriend with Heroine and Shin and he treats Shin as his brother.

UPDATE:  (March 5, '13)

He was the one who saved Heroine when someone bumped her and nearly fell by grabbing her hand. He is overprotective of heroine and even bought her a new phone when he knew that someone is tormenting her. We also saw in that he is taking the trashes being left in Heroine's mailbox but apparently, Heroine discovered and cleaned it up one rainy morning when she checked it up herself. As of now, he asked Heroine to live with her in the apartment especially when someone tried to knock her down with a flower vase and I think it's obvious that the girls in the fan club did it (or so I think?).

UPDATE: (MARCH 20, '13)

So, after watching episode 9, we knew that Toma is kind of very protective towards Heroine that also came to the point when he caged Heroine so she won't go out and disobey him again. For me, he kind of became a psycho because of his feelings towards Heroine. W also knew that there is a diary in Heroine's apartment 
which revealed that she has feelings for Toma since they were just little kids but both of them didn't realize that they have common love/feelings for each other until when they read the diary. And remember when Toma got so jealous of Ikki whenever he and Heroine met at the alley? It is because of Heroine is confessing her love for Toma with Ikki and then Ikki was telling her what she must do, which is go and confess her feelings for Toma. In the end, they became a couple but an accident happened and Herone ended up staying in the hospital where Ukyo carried her and threw her from the roof!

Mine - She is one of the coworkers of our Heroine. It is revealed that she has a crush on Ikki when she asked Heroine if she can date him after her.

Orion - He is a spirit who helps Heroine to remember everything about her. He said that he is the reason of her amnesia when he bumped into her spirit. Only Heroine can hear and see her and whenever Heroine sees a flashback, he can see it too.

UPDATE: (MARCH 20, '13)

In the last episode, it is said that his master, Neil, was the one who kept on sending Heroine from time to time because he wanted to know more about humans but Ukyo's wish is just so hard so his power got drained out. Neil got his power back when Heroine fulfill Ukyo's wish. 

Orion then brought Heroine to their world and explained everything that happened. He said that when Heroine got her memories back, she won't remember anything that happened including things about Orion.

I actually felt sad when the montages of Orion and Heroine were shown. 

Ukyo (Joker) - He is a photographer with a split personality. 

UPDATE: (MARCH 20, '13)

So this is the weird guy who just keeps on bumping/meeting up with Heroine in every route, and he is the last boyfriend in Heroine's life. I hope so, she s just so lucky having those boys all around her. 

Ukyo was shown to have a split personality! A dark personality who wants to kill and end heroine's life for him to be alive and the light, cheerful, and caring one who wants to save Heroine from the world who wants to erase her. As of now, his real personality is still unknown and some questions are yet to be answered in the last episode. So far, we know that he s like Heroine where he already faced different deaths! It is shown that he also fell in the well which he kept on mumbling about. As of August 25th, on episode 11, h said that after he hang up on his cal to Heroine that she must not trust him anymore, but Heroine being so gullible and soft, she still cares for Ukyo and went to the University where she was chased by the Dark Ukyo and I think this is where the accident happened.

I just hope every question in our mind will be answered and we would be all satisfied as we fans waited patently every episode!!! 

UPDATE: (APRIL 3, '13)

So I just watched the last episode of this anime this morning although I already have a copy of it since last week. I'm just not ready to watch and let go of it until this morning.

So the last episode tackled about Ukyo and he explained why he desperately want to kill our unnamed Heroine. Both of them, well, let's count out Orion here, run as Ukyo chased Heroine but every door is lock so Heroine can't escape as the fire is eating the whole place up. Ukyo then got a grip of her and wanted to stab Heroine using his knife. There are a lot of times he tried to kill her but the good persona of Ukyo keep on coming back and letting Heron to run but the bad persona of Ukyo kept on appearing as well. 

He explained the reason why he wanted to kill her. Because both of them can't live in the same world, in a world where both of them exist so one of them must die. Ukyo confessed that he is the reason why Heroine is being sent out n different loop. He said that he already killed Heroine many times but Ukyo's good persona is too good and can't bear n his heart what he has done so he wished to Neil-sama (Orion's master and I think he is the top of all the fairies) to send him in the world where Heroine is alive but both of them are being killed and unless Ukyo's wish comes true, their time looping won't stop. Ukyo's bad persona existed because of the bad experiences (especially the killings) he felt.

As the bad Ukyo was ready to stab Heroine, good Ukyo just controlled his hand and stab it directly to his own heart. He explained some things, died for a moment, then comes alive.

OK. I know this last update is so confusing but I as well is still confused! HAHAHA! I understand what happened but I just can't explain it clearly! HAHA.

For me, he is the one who truly loves Heroine who also sacrificed his own life just to save him.

Waka - The manager at the cafe where Heroine is working. In every route Heroine lives on, his characteristic also changes.

--I'll update this post as soon as possible. :)

The copyrights for the images used still go to their original owner.
I got em at Amnesia's wikia page.

Sorry for the wrong grammar and spelling. It is currently dawn here in the Philippines and past 5 am!

Again, feel free to comment about your own opinion. :)


jennifer said...

you actually got ikky's character wrong he did say that he wanted sexual wishes but he was just kidding and later on in the next episode i think he says that the girls break up with him

Arjay said...

no no.. I haven't updated this post yet, and I know that he was JOKING.. it's just that for me, it's not a good joke.. I know that he was teasing/testing heroine but for me, it's kind of offensive. :) you know what I mean? And I fully understand Ikky especially when I was done watching the episode after it. :)

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