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Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

I just watched Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines this afternoon and I think this is the first movie in this blog that actually is kinda disappointing. As the title says, it's the 5th installment in the Wrong Turn film series and the 2nd prequel of the first Wrong Turn film. The story happens where Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings left off.

Plot: (from
The cutting-edge terror continues when a small mining town hosts the legendary Mountain Man Festival on Halloween, where crowds of costumed partygoers gather for a wild night of music and mischief. But a killer celebration soon gives way to a blood-soaked feeding frenzy when an inbred family of hillbilly cannibals trick and treat themselves to a group of visiting college students who are just dying for a good time...

First off, if you read my blog post about The Cabin in the Woods, you probably know that I have some issues concerning about horror films nowadays and one of them is about including porn/torture porn/nudity. I mean, is it really necessary? Is it really all about sex that even in horror films they are included? WTF?! Perhaps they can include such scenes if necessary but in some movies, I don't quite to understand  the reason of including such pornographic scenes.

The reason I brought that up is because this film started with a sex scene between Billy and Cruz, two of the 5 teenagers who decided to attend and enjoy the festival. Ugh! I was actually somehow ashamed on watching this film in our TV, out loud, because my relatives were here during the time I was watching it and I was like turning the volume off during that scene and some other sex scenes all over the film. If someone saw it, they would probably think I'm watching PORN. N-O. That's just W-R-O-N-G. :P

As I mentioned earlier, I am a fan of the film series especially when I watched the first Wrong Turn film. For me, it's just gruesomely good and very-well thought and made. The 2nd film is good too. The third ain't that bad but at the fourth film, my gosh, I was bored. I was actually hoping that this fifth film from the series will step up even just a little or at least be reasonably good from the previous but hell I was disappointed as well. This film is very unexpectedly expected. I mean, I didn't expect this film to have scenes that are very expected. I didn't even got startled even once. :/

This film is kind of senseless to the max, well, that is for me. 

  • The actors are good looking, no doubt, but their acting in this film is just, what's the word, plain bad, well, not all of them tho. I'm not saying they are bad actors, it's just that their acting didn't fit in the film. The 5 teenagers also didn't look as teenagers. 
  • The lines were not carefully thought and written, very forgetful. Not one line has been stuck in my head and worth remembering as catch phrases or taglines. 
  • The only location in the movie that I like is the road where the accident happened. Aside from that, dull places  through-out the whole film especially the town or village or wherever they were. It's like they were being hunted and killed by the killers in a big room/maze with corners and turns. 
  • The car crash scene, for me, deserves an applause. It's kind of believable and well executed. 
  • The killing/torture scenes aren't that gory and yucky. It's very disappointingly unbelievable. One look and we all know it's fake. Not as gory as the first films in the series. Although there are some torture parts that I like; the killings of Julien and Billy in the football field.
  • I like Camilla Arfwedson's acting. Her acting is believable and you may think that she really is a sheriff in real life.
  • The plot is kind of confusing and boringly made and thought of. It's dull. The last scene where the hillbillies caught Lita again, that's where I realized the main reason for the title "Bloodlines", which I think, is the very and only important part of the film. Well, I'm not sure but I think Lita will bear the hillbillies' babies and be their mom and stuff.
  • I was actually expecting to see a festival or a huge gathering in this film because on the DVD cover, there are some people dancing, but when the scene about the festival was shown, damn, only sex scene between one of the festival-goers/whores and a deputy in a police car was shown! I also expected a mass killing in the festival but it disappointingly didn't happen! I got my hopes up.
  • What I hate also in this film is during the black out scenes and I didn't like how dark the scenes are.
There are many negative things I see in this movie but I'll cut it off here. Obviously, I didn't like this movie and it's clear to me now that I only watched it because I'm a huge fan of the film series but the last 2 films made me realize that Wrong Turn is being dragged down in the center of the earth and will likely lose their fans if they continue on making this kind of films.

I'm not saying that you who read this post will not enjoy watching the film as I didn't because we all know that we have different tastes and views. 
Again, this is not a review of the film. Everyone's a critic but I don't want to make reviews. I just wanna write what I think about the medias I watched, heard, read, etc and I don't want to consider it as reviews. 

If you got my point, thank you. :)


Cast: (from

Camilla Arfwedson – Sheriff Angela
Roxanne McKee – Lita
Doug Bradley – Maynard
Simon Ginty – Billy
Paul Luebke – Gus
Oliver Hoare – Julian
Kyle Redmond Jones – Deputy Biggs
Amy Lennox – Cruz
Duncan Wisbey – Mose
Radoslav Parvanov – One Eye
George Karlukovski – Saw Tooth
Borislav Iliev – Three Finger
Peter Brooke – Jason
Finn Jones – Teddy
Andrew Bone – George
Rosie Holden – Ginny
Harry Anichkin – Doctor
Renee Johnson – Girl
Velizar Peev – Night Watchman
Joan Banzourkov – Teenager
Emilia Klayn – Kaleen Webber
Svilen Cholakov – Deputy Mike
Borisa Tutundjieva – Linda

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