Thursday, March 21, 2013

X Game (2010 Japanese Horror Film)

Dear Entertainment Diary,

Wew! So finally, I  have seen few moments ago the film that introduced me to the series Liar Game, Liar Game Season 2, Liar Game the Final Stage, and Liar Game: Reborn. I was so psyched up while watching this film! 

I hate how Japanese film directors directed their segments in the anthology film The ABCs of Death but I felt alive when I watched this film which brought my faith back to them. I am wanting to see this film since last year and at last, someone uploaded it on and I am very thankful to him/her.

Moving on to the film. The film gave me the chills, the scares, gores, the suspense and the thriller that I was expecting. What I did not expect was the story. I expected a lot different but what I saw was better than  thought. There's a story behind the film unlike what I thought that it just full of penalty execution and stuff. The film also mixed up some comedy to lighten the viewers from the mood of being scared. 

What I think about the film:

To tell you the truth, unexpectedly, I got startled on one scene of the movie and damn, my brother laughed at me. I love how I felt that I was watching real people being punished and not some actors only acting n the film. I love how they shot the film. I love how I sympathize with the players and felt sorry for Chie and Hideaki and  love how hated the 2 assholes Takeshi and Tetsuya.

What I hate is the effect! Yes, the gore is there, the environment of fear and bullying, the suspense, and the unexpected ending, but the effects of the smoke and fire were all plain obviously darn FAKE! Ugh. I wished they did better. 

Aside from the effect, everything else fall into their respective places and you just have to stay back, relax, and enjoy the film. The acting of the actors were not stand outs but they are still believable and acted their part  good. 

I thought that this s a copycat of SAW series and I was not wrong. HAHAHA. Both are for revenge although with different purposes, causes, and effects. When I said unexpected above, characters were also included. It is in the end of the film will you realized that a character in the film isn't introduced without a purpose! Even if he/she only appeared a couple of minutes before the climax. You might be surprised, they are important parts of the film.

Plot:(from aisanwiki)
Four young people find themselves in a classroom and forced to participate in the "X Game". Games include "Thumbtack on a chair," "Pencil Guillotine," "Clip," "School Lunch," "Slap," and the "Death Penalty". Who is behind the games? Will these young people make it out alive?

So, the plot did not say anything that can spoil the viewers, right? So I'll just say that this is a kind of film where the plot revolves around revenge! Never heard of that? Yeah... So the "contestants of the game" played 13 rounds  of draw lots kind of game which give them the punishment they need to receive... Another thing about the film, I like it for discouraging bullying! Yep. I hate bullying and I hope bullies can learn a thing or two from this film!

Cast:(from asianwiki:)

Hirofumi Araki - Hideaki Kokubo  
Ayaka Kikuchi - Rikako Myojin  
Haruka Nakagawa - Tomoe Koizhumi  
Masashi Mikami - Tadashi Ishimatsu
Shota Chiyo - Tsuyoshi Shinjou  
Meguru Kato - Tetsuya Yoshiike  
Kazuyuki Aijima - Detective Murota  
Shingo Tsurumi - Professor Akama

Now,  can't wait for it's sequel, X Game 2 which was just released last year so 'm not so sure when will someone upload it!

the images was taken from it's asianwiki page. I don't own the copyrights for it.


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