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Mundo Mo'y Akin ( 2013 Philippine TV Series)

Dear Entertainment Diary,

So I just watched the premiere episode of the newest offering from GMA Network's prmetime block, Mundo Mo'y Akin and I enjoyed every bit of it! Angelika dela Cruz and Sunshine Dizon-Tan returned in primetime to make us cry, and unexpectedly, laugh, as well!

What I like about this series is that it did not start off with the characters' childhood lives. It started very directly and has a fast pace which is good, not boring. It's Enjoyable. Entertaining. Impressive.

The opening act/scene of this series is just so entertainingly funny especially with Rodora's lines and their dance moves in the town party. 

Angelika, for me, stands out in the pilot episode as I feel her character as if it's really a real person in the real world. She's just so dedicated in the role and I can feel it as she gave me shivers during the dramatic scenes. Sunshine, on the other hand, still has her talents of acting and did a good job, although Angelika almost had the most scenes in this pilot episode and steal all. I remember her Bakekang days, how she made us cry, because of their prosthetic to make them uglier than ever. 

I was actually very excited about this drama ever since saw it in Facebook especially after reading that Sunshine Dizon-Tan is now finally returning in acting after her long break in showbizness, as well as the fact that she is joining a powerhouse cast including Angelika dela Cruz, Jacklyn Jose, Gabby Eigenmann, and Jolina Magdangal-Escueta. And let's not forget the return in primetime of one of the most beloved love teams today, Louise delos Reyes and Alden Richards, plus the new kapuso actress, Lauren Young.

Plot: (from wikipedia)

Childhood best friends Rodora (Angelika dela Cruz) and Perlita (Sunshine Dizon) have always suffered from the incessant taunting and ridicule for their ugly features. While Perlita accepted these criticisms gracefully and is satisfied with her life, Rodora believed that there's no future and hope for unattractive people like them.
Armed with her sheer determination, Rodora works under Donya Carmen, a rich but abusive old lady. When Donya Carmen dies of heart attack, Rodora claims all her wealth and uses it to go under the knife for a new face. She completely put her past behind her and changes her name to Giselle (Angelika dela Cruz).
Meanwhile, Perlita is willing to love any man who will accept her entirely despite her physical flaw. This leads her to trust a Fil-Am guy whom she believes loves her sincerely. But after one night, this guy dumps, and takes all her money. Left with no choice but to accept her fate, Perlita works as a maid in the mansion of the Carbonels.
By some twist of fate, the paths of former friends Perlita and Rodora cross again in the mansion. However, Giselle is now the wife of Ziggy (Gabby Eigenmann), the son of Charito(Jaclyn Jose), the matriarch of Carbonel's Barong. Unknown to Perlita, the beautiful wife of her boss is childhood best friend Rodora. 
Soon after, Giselle and Perlita get pregnant at the same time. Giselle is anxious and concerned that her child will inherit her ugly features. And this situation will bring shame on Ziggy's family and will eventually reveal her true identity.
Giselle's worst fears become reality when she gives birth to an ugly baby. Her world is shattered and she knows that her relationship with Ziggy is over. Perlita, on the other hand, is surprised with her cute and beautiful baby. But after giving birth, she passed out. 
Giselle learns from Aida (Jolina Magdangal), Ziggy's cousin, about Perlita's baby. Giselle conspires with Aida to switch her ugly baby with Perlita's child and in return, she will support her in the family business. Aida agrees and Giselle successfully covers up her identity and switches the two babies. 
As years pass by, Perlita dutifully takes care of her daughter Marilyn (Louise delos Reyes) while Giselle raises Darlene (Lauren Young) as her own child. Marilyn and Darlene become close despite their social status. But things will turn differently when Jerome(Alden Richards), Aida's son, who has always defended Marilyn, will fall in love with Darlene. A love triangle ensues and Darlene and Marilyn are now rivals.
What I like more about this series is that there's a lesson we can learn here. That ugly people also have all the rights to live in this world. That anyone can enjoy life no matter how they look like.

As I mentioned above, I like the first episode for it is very satisfyingly enjoyable and I am hoping we can see more of this as the series go by...


Louise delos Reyes as Marilyn Mendoza
Alden Richards as Jerome Alvarez
Lauren Young as Darlene Carbonel
Jolina Magdangal as Aida Carbonel
Angelika dela Cruz as Rodora/Giselle
Sunshine Dizon as Perlita Mendoza
Gabby Eigenmann as Ziggy Carbonel
Jaclyn Jose as Charito Carbonel

You can watch it on GMA Network after Indio and before Temptation of Wife Philippine Remake, replacing Pahiram ng Sandali on ts time slot.

The credits for the images go to the original owners
(c) GMA Network


Kannazuki Pirena von Karthana said...

Yeah I agree... for me, this is the best drama series ever. While other drama shows had their storyline that make the viewers get bored, this drama series has its own and unique storyline... a very far from the usual. That's why I can't get enough watching this show and I can't wait for another one. Kudos to GMA for having a such a wonderful drama series like this.

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