Monday, October 29, 2012

Temptation Of Wife (2012 Philippine TV Series)

Everyone in The Philippines and in some, or probably in all, Asian countries know the 2008 Koreanovela hit TV series Temptation of Wife / Temptation of a Wife and legend says that it was the one which started the "having an affair in a relationship" trend in The Philippines and the reason why most of the tv series and films are having the same theme. Who would have thought the Kabit-kabitan theme would be a hit!

Just a few minutes ago, October 29 2012, I just watched the first episode of The Philippine remake of the hit show, Temptation of Wife, starring the GMA 7 Primetime Queen, the very beautiful Marian Rivera as Angeline. It also stars the ensemble cast of Dennis Trillo, the very unfaithful hubby of Angeline, Marcel, Glaiza de Castro as the traitor best friend, Heidi, and the new Kapuso hunk Rafael Rosell as Nigel.

The moment I heard that the the said hit Korean show will have its remake here in The Philippines, I can't stop googling and thinking about it. It is actually one of the most anticipated shows that'll air in the Kapuso network and everyone was talking about it on facebook and twitter.

I've got to say that I really loved, liked, and enjoyed watching the Pilot episode of the series. It differs a lot in terms of so many factors; characters, plot, lines, etc, but the story line is still the same.

The very first scene of the show was actually the highlight of the episode. I can't stay calm especially the slapping part between Angeline and Heidi. Epically well executed. Bravo. Screw you, Marcel.

It differs from the original show when it comes to heavy drama. I got very emotional watching the original even though their acting is not that heavily executed but this time, I got more emotional, and I don't get easily attached emotionally to any Filipino drama series. Fact.

What more can I say? The pilot episode is full of drama, surprises, and explained almost everything we need to know about the series. I just hope we won't get bored watching it during the next episodes and hopefully, more twists, surprises, and turns will happen as the show progresses. I can't wait til Angeline gets revenge for  what those nasty people have done to her. Chantal.

Marian is just plainly beautiful. No doubt to that. She's like a goddess even without make up. Glaiza de Castro is also a good antagonist but I still wish Alessandra de Rossi was the one who plays the role of Heidi, but we respect her decision. Can't wait for Rafael Rosell to appear as Nigel.

There also came to a point that I almost didn't want to watch this because of the change of cast but who am I to judge? :) To sum it all up, I loved it. The whole first episode is very well-made and all the cast and crew deserve an applause. Cheers.

The main theme from the original series was also the theme song for this remake but what makes the scenes more emotionally dramatic and adds spices and sensual feelings to the scenes is the main theme song by Kyla, Anong Daling Sabihin.

The show is currently airing in the Kapuso Network, GMA 7, after Aso ni San Roque and before Coffee Prince (Remake)  Pahiram ng Sandali and before the Koreanovela, The Princess's Man. I don't know the official time slot but I think it's 9:00 9:30 pm?

Main characters:
Marian Rivera as Angeline Santos
Dennis Trillo as Marcel Salcedo
Rafael Rosell as Nigel Armada
Glaiza de Castro as Heidi Fernandez

Recurring characters:

Santos Family
Rio Locsin as Minda Santos
Rez Cortez as Abner Santos
Antonio Aquitania as Leo Santos

Salcedo Family
Raymond Bagatsing as Romeo Salcedo
Cherie Gil as Stella Salcedo
Bettina Carlos as Madel Salcedo / Bituin

Armada Family
Ayen Munji-Laurel as Yolanda Armada
Michelle Madrigal as Chantal Armada

Other characters
JC Tiuseco as Bernard
Bubbles Paraiso as Leslie

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-I just got a copy of images and put them all together. I don't own any rights for the pic.
Update: just changed and edited the last pic.. 


mark arc said...

watch pinoy tv series replay

mark arc said...

watch pinoy tv series replay

Thăng Chín said...

Does anyone has the song in this movie which sing by a male singer. Can I have a name, plz. I'd very appriciate !!

lya said...

I also try to find the song which sing by a male singer.. can anybony tell me who

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