Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Take Me Home (One Direction Album)

"If you don’t want to take it slow, and you just want to TAKE ME HOME, baby say, 'yeah.'"

After listening to Christina Aguilera's Album, Lotus, I saw another album and this time, it's also an anticipated album, mostly by girls, Take Me Home, One Direction's second album which is supposedly seen the light of day in your iPods, laptops and other music players on November 12, 2012.

What? The guys are good! Again, I'm not a directioner nor a hater. I'm just a blogger, a person who wants to listen to some available music and I'm really impressed on how this guys make me dance in most of their songs in this said album.

The album contains a huge amount of enjoyable pop-sound, dance tunes, and some ballads and pop-rock-ish songs.

The lyrics are mostly about love and of course, their target audience are mostly probably girls so some may not relate nor happily sing with the songs but I guarantee you that most of the songs are enjoyable to dance and rock out with especially  the fast tuned ones. It's worth playing in clubs too!

Truth be told, I think this is a step up from the song from their previous albums and their voice sounds awesome as well. 

  • When I heard Over Again, I feel like I'm listening to Ed Sheeran. Then I looked at the writers of the song and just laughed because he is included as one of the awesome writers of the song! LOL! It doesn't sound very Ed Sheeran-ish like Little Things but there is something like a "this is written by Ed Sheeran sign" glued in the song, just like an indication. I don't know, perhaps the style and stuff. Ugh. I can't believe I can't elaborate it!

  • They Don't Know About Us is also simply one of the best songs off the album that reminds me of the songs by boybands from the 90's. I can't explain the heavenly soothing feeling I felt when I heard the song. N*sync? Westlife? Backstreet Boys? I don't know. Nostalgic.

  • Last First Kiss also is an awesome tune. I love it that 3 of the boys co-wrote this song. The guitar playing is just nicely played in the background!

  • Kiss You is another epic dance anthem off the album! I love it and makes me shake them booty! HAHA! I can see it as another perfect single from this album. It certainly got all the personalities of a perfect single. Groovy and very luring, passionately lure us to buy it if it'll be released as a single and in the radio!

  • Summer Love, just a great song to listen when I'm sitting alone. I know. Weird. But it just gives me that feeling and besides, it's like reminiscing a summer fling! :D

Overall, I love the whole album and can't wait to hear the additional songs from the Deluxe Edition and other additional songs! I've got to say it, this album has the potential to top some charts. Every songs in it are all worth listening to but Taylor Swift's Red is still the best 2012 album for me. :) I'm a certified Swiftie/Swifty and I'm not a directioner though I have to admit that I still like their songs.  :) You can feel the emotions, mostly happy ones, in the songs and will make you groove and dance and move and break dance! haha!

Track listing (from wiki)

Track listing

1."Live While We're Young"  Rami YacoubCarl Falk,Savan KotechaYacoub, Falk3:20
2."Kiss You"  Yacoub, Falk, Kotecha, Shellback,Kristian Lundin, Albin Nedler, Kristoffer FogelmarkYacoub, Falk3:03
3."Little Things"  Ed Sheeran, Fiona Bevan[61]Jake Gosling3:39
4."C'mon, C'mon"  Jamie ScottJohn Ryan, Julian C. Bunetta [62]Bunetta2:45
5."Last First Kiss"  Nedler, Fogelmark, Yacoub, Falk, Kotecha, Harry Styles, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, Louis Tomlinson, Niall HoranYacoub, Falk, Fogelmark, Nedler,3:23
6."Heart Attack"  Yacoub, Falk, Kotecha, Shellback, LundinYacoub, Falk2:56
7."Rock Me"  Lukasz GottwaldHenry Walter, Peter Svensson, Allan Grigg, Sam HollanderDr. LukeCirkut, Emily Wright, KooolKojak3:20
8."Change My Mind"  Yacoub, Falk, KotechaYacoub, Falk3:32
9."I Would"  Tom FletcherDanny JonesDougie PoynterBunetta, Sam Waters3:21
10."Over Again"  Sheeran, Robert ConlonGosling3:02
11."Back for You"  Fogelmark, Nedler, Kotecha, Payne, Styles, Tomlinson, Yacoub, Malik, HoranYacoub, Falk, Nedler, Fogelmark2:58
12."They Don't Know About Us"  Tebey, Tommy Lee James, Peter Wallevik, Tommy GeeOttoh, Bunetta3:20
13."Summer Love"  Horan, Hector, Steve RobsonLindy Robbins, Malik, Payne, Tomlinson, Styles[63]Robson3:28

Copyrights for the images used still go to their respective owners. I don't own any rights for it.
(c) Syco; Columbia;

From the above images, my most fave is Harry's. So heavenly simple and exciting (for what? LOL)!

Let's support the guys and download legitimately! :)


Irish Grace Dayao said...

Nice-nice.. I love this blog to the moon and back.. Directioner! wahaha :)

Arjay said...

hahahaha! Miss, I already stated VERY CLEARLY that I am not a directioner though I admit that they are damn good! :) thanks for loving it.. the blog definitely loves you more, like ever. :D

Anonymous said...

You sound like a directioner with the reviews. I love how you are not being a hypocrite and like other people and blurting out the truth.
It's again their perfect album.

Arjay said...

Yeah.. I get that a lot but I really am not.. I dont even memorize any whole song by them and I dont know when the boys' bdays are.. So believe me I'm not a directioner. I'm not that psyched up to see them in person either but if given a chance, why not? Lol. Oh, and I don't consider it as a review.. My posts here sound more like reviews/criticisms but I treat them as diary entries.. I don't consider myself as an entertainment critic. I just want to describe what I'm feeling while listening, watching, or reading some stuff and all. Thanks for dropping by. :)

Anonymous said...

I think you misunderstood me. I meant you are saying whats on your mind (which is of course good)and not being like other people.
Plus, the way you described your reviews, you sounded like one. I know you are not a Directioner. You are a certified Swiftie.

Arjay said...

no.. I got your point.. I just want to clarify so if someone else may read it and think that I'm a directioner in the near future, they'll clearly understand everything immediately. :D Thanks for your reply :)

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