Friday, May 24, 2013

Pitch Perfect ( 2012 Film)

Dear Entertainment Diary,

Long time, no post. Sorry for that as I was busy this past month and didn't get to update entertainment stuff like Demi's Heart Attack video, Selenas's Come and Get It video, and many more that I have watched or seen. I've seen a lot of films lately but I didn't have internet connection and I was busy serving and entertaining my relatives who just came back from other country. I was also busy going back and forth to Manila and I wish I'll never do it again. UGHHHHH.

Moving On, Pitch Perfect is only one of the movies that I have watched and I should not let this movie slip here in my blog as this is the most laughing stock/funniest film I have watched in AGES.

I've known about the film since last year when I saw it in the top 100 Best films on Itunes. I was actually going to download it that day but I downloaded another horror film, which I haven't yet watched. And this March, I was gong to download it again but my brother told me that he already has a copy given by our cousin who also loved the film that much. I mean, who wouldn't? It's musical/comedy. We dig these kind of stuff.

Pitch Perfect is just funny as hell kind of movie that even the corniest jokes in the film can make the viewers laugh (which means it's not corny anymore). What makes me love the film more is that it contains music and features song that I also love. The actors are all good especially Rebel Wilson who is one of the play makers in the films. The song choices, how they mashed it all up and made it their own were just superb and fantastically stunning. 

The plot revolves around Beca, a newly arrived freshman at Barden University, on how she managed to cope up with the Pitches (B*tches) when all she really wanted (at first) is to be a DJ and create her own sounds and pursue her own music career. The movie also tells the story of an all female A Capella group called The Barden Bellas on how they sing their hearts out and not let their fears, tensions, and having sex with their male rivals take over.

I've got to tell you, this film is worth watching. 

As of now, I really can't wait for the sequel. I actually did not recognize Brittany Snow here, as well as I didn't expect that she has a voice! :)

Cast (Source:

Anna Kendrick as Beca Mitchell, a reclusive and rebellious girl who wants to pursue a music career; she joins the Barden Bellas to appease her father and finds herself being caught up in their world.

Skylar Astin as Jesse Swanson, a member of the Treblemakers who has crush on Beca

Anna Camp as Aubrey Posen, the uptight and traditionalist co-leader of the Bellas; when she vomited at Nationals, she ruined the Bellas' chance at winning the previous year. She is constantly critical and insists that The Bellas use the same set list the Bellas have been using for years.

Brittany Snow as Chloe Beale, the kinder and more civil co-leader of the Bellas, whose attempts to get Aubrey to listen to Beca's suggestions get ignored. Chloe gets "nodes" (nodules) but continues to sing when she discovers she could sing in a substantially lower tessitura following the surgery.

Rebel Wilson as Fat Amy, (born Fat Patricia) a comedic and eccentric member of the Bellas from Tasmania.

Ester Dean as Cynthia-Rose Adams, a lesbian member of the Bellas.

Alexis Knapp as Stacie Conrad, a highly sexually-driven member of the Bellas.

Hana Mae Lee as Lilly Onakuramara, a strange member of the Bellas who speaks too quietly to be heard but is later revealed to be a talented beatboxer.

Ben Platt as Benji Applebaum, Jesse's nerdy roommate and an illusionist, who is initially rejected from the Treblemakers, and is later accepted.

Adam DeVine as Bumper Allen, the egotistical leader of the Treblemakers.

Utkarsh Ambudkar as Donald, Bumper's right-hand man, who beatboxes, raps, and is a main vocalist.

Freddie Stroma as Luke, the radio station manager who plays Beca's DJ mixes on the air.

Jinhee Joung as Kimmy-Jin, Beca's unfriendly Korean roommate.

Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Tommy, the university's constantly harassed audition launcher.

John Michael Higgins as John Smith, a misogynistic commentator for the ICCAs.

Elizabeth Banks as Gail Abernathy-McKadden, a commentator for the ICCAs.

John Benjamin Hickey as Dr. Mitchell, Beca's father, a professor at the college who insists that she attends classes and get involved.

Image courtesy of and Universal Studios.


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