Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Would You Rather (2012 Film)

Dear Entertainment Diary,

I really liked, not that loved, Brittany Snow ever since I saw her on John Tucker Must Die, which is the first of her films that I have seen. I'm not that much of a fan but I saw Prom Night, The Pacifier, Pitch Perfect, and the most recent, Would You Rather.

OK. So I loved this film. I don't know if it is considered as a horror film but I really loved it! The acting and the plot are superb. The actors, the twists, and most of all, I loved how it is not based from a book/novel, nor a remake, but is based from a Party Game!

I've seen films that contain crueler or many torture/pain but this stand out, for me, although it is not that gory as the Saw Series or many other torture porn scattered in the movie industry.

I love how Brittany acted as a very lovely, simple girl that will do anything for her brother. The plot revolves around her, on how low can she be when it comes to saving her brother.

The game is very simple; the host will give the players 2 options per level and as the level goes up, and the players are still playing or not yet eliminated, the options get harder and harder. The rules are simple but the things they must accomplish aren't. There also comes to a point where they need to choose who to suffer, themselves or others.

I've watched films with the same genre; survival/death game, but as I said, this one stood out because of the twists and turns and stuff. Because it also contains a story. A dramatic plot. Suspense. Thrills.

It's very worth watching. 

Some questions were on my mind as I began watching the film. Will his brother survive in the end and how low can she go? Will she be able to commit crimes against her will or will she do it just to get what she thinks that will give her brother a chance to live longer? Will she find true love?

And I'm very satisfied with the answers given at the end of the film. I was actually shocked cus I did not expect such scenes, so, GOO JOB!

I encourage you all to watch the film and be amazed, thrilled, and be filled with tension and suspense because this is not the kind of torture film that we are watching nowadays, but a very silent and dark flm with superb acting, good plot, shocking scenes, annoying characters, and bittersweet ending.

CAST (from IMDB):

Brittany Snow - Iris
Jeffrey Combs - Shepard Lambrick
Jonny Coyne - Bevans (as Jonathan Coyne)
Lawrence Gilliard Jr. - Dr. Barden
Enver Gjokaj - Lucas
Sasha Grey - Amy
John Heard - Conway
Charlie Hofheimer - Travis
Logan Miller - Raleigh
June Squibb - Linda
Eddie Steeples - Cal
Robin Taylor - Julian
Robb Wells - Peter
Larry Cedar - The Driver
Ptolemy Slocum - Shift Manager

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