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Accel World (2012 Anime)

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Dear Entertainment Diary,

So yeah, I'm here again, fortunately. This post is about the two Animes I just previously watched this past days, it was actually just last week, but I think I'll separate the two.

Anyways, the first one that I watched was Accel World.

Accel World.

This actually intrigued me as to why so many Otakus love them. Truth be told, I'm not a big fan of animes with large robots like Gundam and stuff. Cyberpunk type of animes, that is. I'm not into robots, although during my childhood days, I have watched Voltes 5, and that certain anime that I cant remember the title.

So, Accel World is one of the animes that caught my attention because this is the first time I have watched an anime that the main character is not that good looking. That actually shocked me. Yeah, there are so many animes that the main protags are jerks, or losers, but they were either tall, good-looking, slim, handsome, strong, and all but this was first to me. The story revolves around Haruyuki Arita, a small, roundly fat boy who is always being bullied by his classmates or schoolmates. Weird right? Mostly, those descriptions always end up being on the minor characters like the best buds of the protagonists.

He has 2 bestfriends, actually, hot bestfriends, the hot and very lovingly caring Chiyuri Kurashima and her boyfriend, Takumu Mayuzumi, who is very hot as well, and intelligent. So, in this anime, it also involves a female protag who is probably the prettiest in the series and who also happens to be in love with our hero, Kuroyukihime (Black Snow Princess).

To sum everything all up, this anime is about Accel World (Acclerated World), which is also in the same world as where we were standing/living but being controlled by a game program entitled, Brain Burst.

By using Brain Burst, your body will be accelerated in which you can go around freely using your avatar and the whole normal world becomes slower. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think 1 second in the real world = 17 minutes in Accel World? 

The main objective of the game is to reach level ten by defeating the Six Kings of Pure colors, though I'm not so sure if Black is still included. And when you reach level 10, you can meet the creator of Bran Burst and know his purpose as to why he created a very awesomely addicting but also harsh kind of game. You can level upto level 9 by collecting Burst Points if you can defeat other players in Accel World and sometimes, haunt some monsters which gives you small amount of points.

For me, this anime is very addictive to watch as I wanna know what will happen next. The action scenes were great, as well. It hooks me up as I only finished watching it in two days.Well, it's just 24 episodes + 1 ova. And  haven't watched the other OVA yet.

If you're into action type anime, then Accel World is kind of perfect for you to watch. t's just that I kind of hated some characters for being so bad, nosy, and especially the Haru-kun for being such a loser! But I think that's what the creators want us to feel. The main antag in the series actually pisses me off, meaning he's being great on being such an evil person.

This is not just about action. Friendship, Love/Romance, and Slice of Life are also included in the series. For me it's good and may landed a 7 out of 10.  hope there's gonna be a second season.

Dame, I promise myself to lmit my post but I just can't help it. Another lengthy post. :(


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