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Sword Art Online ( 2012 Anime )

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Dear Entertainment Diary,

So, this is the continuation of my previous post about Accel World where I mentioned there were 2 animes that I just recently watched. This was supposed to be included in that post but I decided to separate this in a new post, and here it is.

OK. So Sword Art Online aka SAO, is probably can be considered as one of the most genius animes the world has ever seen. This is my opinion, tho.

Why? Because I just love the part where Virtual world and the real world became one unlike in Accel World where there are only some parts that they can adjust their own movements in the real world while beinig accelerated, but in this anime, Lives are at stake and many of them, I'm talking about almost half of 10,000 SAO players, died! Cruel, isn't it?

It's just genius! The anime series contains 2 arcs from the virtual novel, The Sword Art Online Arc and Alfheim Online Arc.

The first half of the series centers around the game Sword Art Online, a VRMMORPG that can be played using a Nerve Gear. During the first time the 10,000 SAO players logged in, they were sent in the game but cannot log out when they wanted to. They were then given a task by the creator of the game, Akihiko Kayaba, to reach all the 100 floors of the floating castle by  defeating the virtual monsters and each boss on each level. But there is a catch, you must not die in the game or else, you will also die in the real world.

The first part centers around Kirito (Kirigaya Kazuto), him being a Beater (a beta tester - cheater), on how he leveled up, attempt to save his friends in the game but drastically failed, meeting his one and only true love, Asuna (Yuuki Asuna), and on how he will defeat the game.

The second half of the series revolves around the new game, Alfheim Online, which is connected in the previous game. The story now includes his sister, and on how both of them, along with the other players defeat the game. (I wanna mention more plots about this anime as I can still remember the whole story because I just finished watching it yesterday but I don't wanna spoil the surprises.)

All I can say is that the story revolving the whole series is just so good including the twists. The action and the awesomeness of the characters are quite good, the bad guys are very convincing, but what I don't like about the second part is that the lightning fast Asuna's fighting skills were taken out and became a princess waiting to be rescued up above. I mean, her awesomeness in fighting is one of the best parts in the series but in the end, she was just some, I don't know, a bird without wings inside a cage, I guess?

Anyways, the whole series is just so good to watch and you can even feel the feelings of each characters while watching it! And 'm talking about Sachi, as her part is one of the most emotional i the series. I love how realistic the story when it was all about having friends and romantic relationships in online games!

This is unlike Accel World which is all about robotic types of avatars. The first part uses their own image in the game while in the second part, their avatars were in fairy forms. It falls in 8 out of 10 scale for me. :)

The only part that I didn't like was the part where the camera focuses on the female characters' bo*bies and such parts. It's not that pervy but it's not that needed as well in the anime.


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