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Devil Survivor 2: The Animation

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The last post  published is all about the new TV Series Hannibal, but before I watched Hannibal, I watched this anime first but I just decided to publish it here.

Devil Survivor 2 is an anime adaptation of a RPG for Nintendo DS. Actually for me, the story is kind of strange but doesn't really differ from some Asian Horrors and I kinda feel that I was watching Mirai Nikki/Future Diary, the anime of course, while watching the first episode. It's like Mira Nikki + On Missed Call turned into sci fi and stuff.

Why dd I relate it to those? Because three of them share the same topics; Death, Future, and cellphones/technology. I may find out some more connections as I watch the next episodes, tho. I kind of felt   that I see some Digimon/Pokemon, as well, when it comes to the monsters being summoned by the characters which protect them.

For me, the story is still kind of blur. All I know so far is that there is this site called Nicaea where it'll send the your friend's face before the time of his/her death. When they die, the app will ask you if you still want to live just continue to die. If you choose to live, an app will be downloaded where you can summon your demon avatar to save/protect you from those differently horrifying monsters.

The anime is currently airing in Japan, which started April 4, 2013.

"In the story, 13 Devil Messengers face the end of the world  by mysterious invaders in 7 days."
- from Anime News Network.

"Devil Survivor 2 begins with the protagonist and his friend, Daichi, returning from a mock exam, along with their friend Io. The three of them receive an email on their cellphones from Nicaea, a website that forewarns its users of disasters, or their own death. The email contains a video showing them dying from a freak subway accident. Immediately after, the scene is enacted, but the students survived after being contacted by an avatar from Nicaea. As soon as they enabled the applications on their cellphone, more demons appeared, apparently wanting to kill them. The Protagonist, along with Daichi and Io, defeat the demons and become Devil Summoners, allowing them to summon demons to use to fight along them after fulfilling a contract with them. 
After escaping the subway, they come in contact with a secret organization called JP's led by the 17 year-old Yamato Hotsuin, who reveals to them that Japan, and maybe the entire world, is being ravaged by a group of creatures called the Septentrion, their collective being named after the stars in the Big Dipper constellation. The protagonist's team then join JP's effort to defeat the Septentrion and prevent them from destroying the defense system designed by JP's to protect the few remaining Japanese cities that wasn't completely destroyed by that time, including Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and their neighboring prefectures. 
While confronting the Septentrions and gathering allies, the protagonist is frequently forewarned with videos of his companions' imminnent deaths, and must find ways to prevent them in time, with the risk of losing them permanently if he fails. Another hindrance comes in the figure of Ronaldo Kuriki, who leads a faction of rebel Summoners who oppose JP's methods. Upon meeting an enigmatic figure introducing himself as "The Anguished One", creator of the Devil Summoning program, the Protagonist learns that the Septentrions are actually trials sent by its leader and god Polaris, who will reveal itself to define the course mankind would follow in the future should it manages to overcome them. 
Near the end of the game, the protagonist's companions are divided between three factions, one led by Yamato who dreams of using Polaris to create a hierarchical society, with each individual's worth based on his/her achievements; one led by Ronaldo who envisions an egalitarian society with no distinctions between individuals; and one envisioning Daichi's ideal of a third option with everyone cooperating for the sake of a brighter future. The protagonist must choose between supporting one of the factions or no faction at all, convincing the Anguished One to help him destroy Polaris and ensure mankind would freely choose its own future without external interference, or gathering all the factions to unite and restore the world. After making his decision, the protagonist must defeat the other factions in battle or convince them to join his cause before confronting Polaris to put an end to the demon invasion and deciding the fate of mankind."
- From wikipedia.


Episode 1 - First Day: Sunday Melancholy.

The first episode started by showing our protagonist, Hibiki Kuze, waiting for his friend Daichi Shijima, after finishing his mock exam/practice exam. Dachi then told Hibiki about this weird but popular website called Nicaea, where it delivers/uploads the videos of their friend's faces during his/her death. They both registered into the site but I got confused because in the middle of the episode, they said they didn't register.

On the way home, they are waiting for the train where they saw one of Daichi's classmate, whom he has a crush with, Io Nitta. Suddenly, they both received each other's death videos and they think it is weird and scary because it happened/shot n the same station where they were at that time. They decided to leave but before the train comes, a huge earthquake happened causing the ground to collapse and made the train to flip over them just like what they saw in their videos.

Nicaea offered them another chance to live and they accepted it so their phone downloaded a demon summoning app, without a warning/choice. Demons were released from other dead people's phones and attacked them but were saved by the demon/avatar released from Nitta's phone. Soon after, a demon was released too from Daichi's phone. At first, they were horrified in all what's happening, including the demons released from their own phones but Hibiki figured out that the demons were actually trying to save/protect them and helped them escape from the station where all the dead body are scattered.

Outside the station, the whole city is a mess. Daichi called his family and knew that they are safe, together with Hibiki's family but the call was terminated when the reception was cut/damaged which is a huge problem for Nitta because she can't contact her family.

The three of them stick and travel together and went to Nitta's house but as they were resting/drinkng, another monster,Dubhe, appeared and shot everything/everyone it sees moving. Daichi escaped but then Nicaea delivered another dead face video of Daichi to Hibiki's phone and soon after, they saw Daichi driving a truck  trying to save Nitta and Hibiki but the truck crushed and left the monster unharmed. 

Hibiki, furious, summoned his demon avatar, after downloadng the app, for the first time and commanded it to finish/kill the monster. He summoned a tiger like monster named Byakko. One of the leaders of JP's,  forgot what her name is, was very shock that a person like Hibiki can summon a very powerful monster like Byakko. Byakko defeated the monster, Dubhe, and Byakko returned in the Demon Summoning App. It is then revealed that Nitta summoned another monster that saved Daichi from the crashing truck. JP's came and put them under arrest. At the end of the episode, a mysterious man was seen saying the words "The Shining One" after seeing Hibiki summoned the powerful Byakko.

Demons Introduced: Kobold, Orge, Poltergeist, Byakko, Pixie
Septentrione Introduced: Dubhe 

*If you get confused in my recap, it's just that I watched it days ago and hard to rememeber all the things that happened. HAHA. Will be updating this post from time to time.

*Updated: May 3, 2013:

Episode 2 - Second Day: Monday's Turmoil Part, 1. (source: Wikipedia)

Hibiki, Daichi and Io are arrested by the JP's and brought to a secret underground base located at the National Diet Building. Here, Commander Makoto Sako, explains to Hibiki that the JP's protects Japan from "paranormal anomalies" before she introduces the JP's Chief, Yamato Hotsuin who says that Hibiki's demon Avatar: Byakko is unique, being one of the four symbols of the Chinese constellations. Furthermore, he explains that the Dubhe was only one of 7 creatures called the Septentriones, each of which will appear in the next six days and should the JP's fail to defeat them then the world will disappear. As the JP's scientists begin to analyze the demon summoning app, Hibiki ponders on Yamato's words. The following day, Makoto releases them by taking them to an emergency shelter in Chūō. Here, it is discovered that a rumor of demons running amok is spreading. As Hikibi looks around at all of the refugees in a church, a winged-demon attacks and Hibiki summons Byakko to protect them. As Hibiki fights an endless swarm of the demons, Makoto shows up with her demon, Power and helps Hibiki defeat the winged-demons by destroying the rogue cellphone which had been summoning them. In the aftermath Hibiki walks away when he realizes the refugees are afraid of him, but gains resolve, along with Daichi and Io to help the JP's after a child thanks him for protecting them. Back at the Diet Building, Yamato outlines Hibiki, Daichi and Io's first mission: to locate and rescue missing JP's scientist Dr. Fumi Kanno.

In the epilogue, Yamato has a short dialogue with the "Anguished One" about Hibiki, while elsewhere, somewhere in Nagoya a man remarks that their "plan" shall be set in motion.

Demons Introduced: Itsumade, Power 

Episode 3 - Second Day: Monday's Turmoil, Part 2. (source: Wikipedia)

Under Yamato's order, Hibiki, Daichi and Io arrive at Osaka to help locate chief JP's scientist, Dr. Fumi Kanno, who had recently vanished. Upon their arrival they are greeted by other JP's summoners, Hinako Kujou and Keita Wakui, the latter of whom is less than welcoming and returns to his mission of hunting down rogue demons. Unable to find any leads, Hibiki and co. head to the JP's Osaka headquarters, where its data center comes under the attack of an external hacker who reroutes its identity to multiple locations across Japan. At the same time, Hinako receives Keita's death clip which appears to be located nearby at the abandoned Festivalgate theme park, which Hibiki deduces is the source of the hack since it is the only location which shows up upon an isolated scan of the Osaka area. As Yamato instructs Hibiki and co. to head to the theme park, Hibiki asks an operator to inform Keita not to head there in order to prevent his death. Although, unbeknownst to them Keita is already at the theme park and is ambushed by the demons Gozuki and Mezuki. Keita summons his demon Berserker and puts up a valiant effort, but is soon overwhelmed as the demons keep re-spawning. He is soon thrown off balance but is saved by Hinako's demon Lilim, which seems to avert his death, followed by Hibiki, Daichi and Io. Yamato orders Makato to use a defense program created by Dr. Kanno called "Almadel" which manages to slow the hacker's demons down. After Hibiki quickly issues tasks to everyone, Hinako discovers that the hacker is in fact a brainwashed Dr. Fumi Kanno, who is being manipulated by the demon Botis. Hibiki and Keita use Byakko and Berserker respectively to launch a feint attack and takes out Botis just as Daichi damages the router to stop the hack. However, Botis reappears behind Dr. Kanno and launches a lightning attack on the group. In a split second reaction, Keita manages to push Hibiki out of the way but the blast ends up killing him, fulfilling his death clip, much to Hibiki's shock. As the theme park begins crumbling, Botis has Dr. Kanno remotely access the "Almadel" program within the JP's mainframe which finishes destroying the JP's firewall, as well as their spiritual barriers and leaves them completely vulnerable to attack. Finally, the Septentrione: Merak appears in Osaka. 

Demons Introduced: Gozuki, Mezuki, Berserker, Lilim, Obariyon, Agathion, Botis
Septentrione Introduced: Merak 

Episode 4 - Second Day: Monday's Turmoil, Part 3. (source: Wikipedia)

Following Keita's sudden death, Hibiki remains visibly shaken due to the fact that they couldn't prevent it. As Merak arrives in the city, Yamato has JP's members move Hibiki into position to intercept it. At the Osaka Juso Ohashi Bridge, the Japanese military tries and fails in their attack against Merak while Botis and "The Anguished One" discuss the state of affairs. With of the loss of most Osaka's spiritual barriers, Merak fully manifests itself and makes its way to the final barrier - "Tsutenkaku". Meanwhile, as Hibiki is deployed into the field, Hinako and Io discuss his mental state due to Keita's death. Meanwhile at the Umeda Sky Building, JP's summoners try to stop Merak with a swarm of Itsumade but it kills them all in an instant. As Io heads to Hibiki's location, Merak then launches a devastating ice attack, at the "Tsutenkaku" barrier, which survives, but the attack leaves a path of destruction and kills many more people, upsetting Hibiki. Not wanting any more people to die, Hibiki abandons his post and proceeds further up the battleground to confront Merak. Io arrives just as Hibiki departs and Yamato sends a "replacement" for Hibiki. Hibiki arrives at the current battleground at Kawaramachi in the Osaka Chūō-ku Ward and intervenes in Hinako and a platoon of JP's summoners fight against Merak. Hibiki has Byakko unleash a strong lightning attack at Merak, which doesn't have any effect. Merak counterattacks and Hinako protects Hibiki but gets severely injured which then shatters his fighting resolve. In the wake of the attack, the "Anguished One" approaches Hibiki and introduces himself as Alcor. He informs Hibiki, that because of his "choice" to fight, Io has taken his place at the final defensive line, causing Hibiki to head over there. Io's feelings allow her to summon Kikuri-Hime and proceeds to attack Merak with support from the JP's summoners. Although Kikuri-Hime manages to severely damage Merak, it sheds its outer layer and begins charging up its final attack. Just then Hibiki appears with Byakko and successfully deals the final blow to Merak, defeating it. As Merak slowly begins to disintegrate, Hibiki lets his guard down and Merak tries to move, but is destroyed by the demon, Hagen, as Hibiki is approached by Ronaldo Kuriki. As the JP's reports that their Nagoya Branch has been seized, Ronaldo tells Hibiki that Yamato is dangerous and asks him to accompany him. As Io heads to where Hibiki last attacked Merak, the JP's reports that he has vanished.

Demons Introduced: Jambavan, Kikuri-Hime, Hagen 

Episode 5 - Third Day: Tuesday's Disquiet, Part 1. (source: Wikipedia)

Makato briefs an infiltration team of JP's agents on their way via train to retake the JP's Nagoya Branch from Ronaldo's control. At the same time, Daichi and Io stow away on the train and ponder why Hibiki left them behind. Just then, they are shocked to receive Hibiki's death clip and resolve to save him themselves since the only people able to receive death clips are friends. In the meantime, the JP's tries to reassess the situation after loosing contact with Hibiki and now their infiltration team as Dr. Kanno repairs the damage to the JP's Osaka servers. Meanwhile in Nagoya, Jungo Torii and Airi Ban plan to infiltrate the JP's Nagoya Branch and retake it from the insurgents, although Airi also speculates that the JP's and the Resistance (Insurgents) had prior knowledge of the calamity. Elsewhere, Daichi and Io arrive in Nagoya to discover a Resistance camp handing out rations to civilians. Just then the camp is attacked by a swarm of rogue Legion demons. Daichi and Io summon their demons to intercept, however the swarm proves to be too large. Hibiki then appears in the background with the demon Suzaku and incinerates the swarm. As Hibiki leaves, Daichi demands from a nearby insurgent about his whereabouts to meet the insurgent leader, Ronaldo. Later at the Nagoya Branch, while an insurgent member and JP's medic, Otome Yanagiya argue over the state of affairs, Ronaldo appears with Hibiki and tells them that once all the Septentrione have been defeated, Yamato intends to create and become the leader of a new Meritocratic governing power in the aftermath. He further states that Yamato manipulated both the JP's and the Japanese Government for that ambition and when he, a former detective and JP's agent found out i.e. the "Hotsuin Family Secret": Yamato's plans and their predictions of the Septentriones, an attempt was made on his life. Still in a doubt, Ronaldo reminds Hibiki of how many lives were lost at Yamato's order during Merak's assault and that a world in Yamato's control would result in death for those without power. Ronaldo concludes that all people should be equal. Meanwhile, Airi and Jungo sneak into the Sakura-dōri Subway Line. Feeling a bit down due by the sudden truth, Yuzuru 'Joe' Akie tries to cheer up Hibiki. Following this Ronaldo takes Hibiki to the JP's Nagoya Command center and briefs him along with Joe and Otome of his plan to intercept the Septentrione predicted to appear in Nagoya and that by defeating it, the Resistance will assert their power. Elsewhere, Yamato ponders on the situation and a flashback shows how he was groomed by his family along with scientists for demon summoning. However, for his first summon, Yamato manifests Cerberus and destroys the lab. In the aftermath he is approached by Alcor who hails him as the "Shining One." Back in the present Alcor once again approaches Yamato and they put a plan into motion. Just then Yamato receives a death clip of his "friend" Hibiki, to his shock.

Demons Introduced: Legion, Suzaku, Lailah, Cerberus

Episode 6 - Third Day: Tuesday's Disquiet, Part 2.

Airi and Jungo sneak into the JP's Nagoya Branch through the air ducts, while elsewhere, Daichi and Io rush to Hibiki's location in order to prevent his death. Ronado, Hibiki, Joe and Otome scout the Nagoya TV Tower in anticipation of the third Septentrione, although Otome is hesitant to fight, due to the JP's lack of information about the Septentriones. Later, back at the Nagoya Branch, Otome and Hibiki have a brief discussion comparing Yamato's methods versus Ronaldo's methods. At this time, Daichi and Io arrive and tell Hibiki about his death clip while Makoto covers for them at the JP's Headquarters. Daichi and Io try to get Hibiki to return to the JP's but he states that he can't because of the imminent Septentrione attack. Eventually all three decide to stay and protect each other. Meanwhile, Airi and Jungo inadvertently fall through the air ducts and ensue in a battle with the Resistance members. Ronaldo enters the fray and tries to reason with them, although Airi ignores and attacks Ronaldo, even after Hibiki pleads for them to stop. At this time the manifestation readings suddenly increase and the Septentrione: Phecda manifests itself directly in the Command Center to everyone's shock. Ronaldo immediately issues emergency orders and has Airi and Jungo help attack Phecda along with Joe. As the group launches an assault, their demon attacks are not strong enough to damage Phecda, who counterattacks with an electrical attack, wiping out their demons along with the Branch's main power for Nagoya's spiritual barrier. Hibiki, Daichi, Io and Otome arrive and attack with Suzaku, Kikuri-Hime and Sarasvati. Although their attacks seem initially successful, Phecda splits itself into two rings and focuses its attack into a laser which destroys both Suzaku and Kikuri-Hime while cutting through half of the Branch. As Daichi warns that the laser is the same one predicted to kill Hibiki, he summons Byakko just as Phecda targets him, but Sarasvati intercepts the beam which destroys them both. As Hibiki is out of demons, to everyone's horror Phecda targets him once more. Just as the beam charges, Cerberus appears and stops the attack, followed by Yamato, who amplifies Cerberus' power and is able to destroy Phecda. In the wake, the JP's reveals that they used the chaos Phecda created to restore the Nagoya servers and retake control of the base. Yamato then orders Hibiki to return to the JP's but Hibiki can't agree with his methods which result in death. Ronaldo then exposes Yamato's plan for the world in the aftermath of the calamity, shocking everyone, and prompting the Resistance members to surround him. Unfazed, Yamato makes no attempt to deny Ronaldo's words, instead reaffirming everyone's belief that it is fact by stating that his method is the most effective manner to save the world especially since the Septentriones do not discriminate to kill. Hibiki then summons Byakko and states that he will stop Yamato if he intends to intentionally hurt people. At this time, Alcor appears and tells Hibiki that Yamato came to save him after receiving his death clip.

Demons Introduced: Gagyson, Cait Sith, Neko Shogun, Orcus, Sarasvati

Septentrione Introduced: Phecda 

Episode 7 - Fourth Day: Wednesday of Transformation, Part 1.

As the exchange between Hibiki, Yamato and Alcor continues, Yamato rejects the notion of a person's fate being predetermined by the death-clips. As Hibiki is forced to make a choice of staying with the Resistance or returning to the JP's with Yamato, Ronaldo tries to sway his decision but is stopped by the demon Bifrons. As everyone realizes that Alcor isn't using a cell-phone to control the demon, his origins are questioned by Hibiki to which he responds that he genuinely doesn't know, only that he isn't their enemy. Ronaldo has the Resistance summoners surround him with demons, but Bifrons easily incinerates them. Alcor goes on to calmly reveal that he is the creator of Nicaea and the Demon Summoning App, which he gave to humans as a means to fight the Septentriones, finally remarking that it allowed him to find a new "Shining One" in Hibiki. Ignoring the exchange, Yamato outlines that the next Septentrione will appear simultaneously at the spiritual barriers in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka with Fumi adding that only high level demons would be strong enough to face them from now on. As he leaves, Yamato entrusts Osaka to Hibiki and leaves the Resistance in charge of the Septentrione in Nagoya although both Hibiki and Ronaldo state that they will not be Yamato's pawns. Hibiki concludes that at the end of the week long Septentrione battle, he will stop Yamato's plans. Afterwards, Alcor has an exchange with Bifrons and Botis on his actions which hint at stopping the "Purge of Polaris", while simultaneously as Yamato looks at having overused his power to control Ceberus, he recalls having rejected being the "Shining One" in favor of his ideals of stopping the "Purge" to Alcor in the past. The next day, as Fumi finishes work on a teleportation device, all the JP's and Resistance members submit for routine health checkups. Hibiki thanks Daichi for coming to his aid, while Io and Otome talk about the bonds they share with the people close to them, while Otome simultaneously teases Io about her crush on Hibiki. At the end of their checkup, Io and Airi are angered by Daichi, Joe and the innocent Hibiki for trying to peek during their checkups. Finally, Makoto briefs the Resistance at the Nagoya branch, including Ronaldo, Airi, Jungo, Joe and Otome on the Septentrione: Megrez, explaining that because of its triplicate nature, they have to attack simultaneously at all three locations to deal it any damage. As Hibiki, Daichi and Io are teleported to Osaka, Hibiki makes it clear to Makoto that they are no longer JP's members, and she acknowledges them as friends. At the same time, Yamato stands alone in wait for Megrez's appearance at the Tokyo Tower. When Hibiki and co. arrive in Osaka, Hibiki breaks into tears at his relief to find Hinako and she embraces him in gratitude.

In the epilogue, Fumi shows Makoto that upon analysis of her health results, Io is a suitable spiritual medium for the demon "Lugh".

Demons Introduced: Bifrons, Moh Shuvuu 

Episode 8 - Fourth Day: Wednesday of Transformation, Part 2.

The three entities of the Septentrione: Megrez finally manifest and begin approaching the barriers at Osaka, Nagoya and Tokyo. In the calm before the imminent battle, a flashback shows Ronaldo entrusting all of the uncovered data on the JP's and the Hotsuin family to Hibiki; who vows to stop Yamato's ideals. As the battle commences at all three locations, Megrez's regenerative abilities prove to be a major challenge, being able to revive and heal its wounds indefinitely. During their battle with Megrez O, Hibiki and Io receive the death clip of Ronaldo, Joe and Otome. Hibiki tries warning them to escape their own battle but they stubbornly insist on holding their posts. As Megrez N continues to plough through the city, Ronaldo has the Resistance sacrifice the Nagoya branch by destroying its foundations to immobilize Megrez N within the newly formed hole. As the Nagoya team start attacking Megrez N, Airi summons Lorelei and exposes the core with a powerful ice attack. At the same time, Hinako and Berserker, along with Yamato and Baal also expose the cores of Megrez O and T respectively, and upon Makoto's order, each group launch a simultaneous attack on the cores and finally defeat Megrez. As Megrez N begins disintegrating, it launches the last of its missiles towards a shocked Ronaldo and co., killing them instantly, with only Airi and Jungo barely surviving the blasts. As Hibiki and co. mourn their deaths Jungo notices a strange phenomenon at the horizon. In the aftermath, under the Miyashita Park, Yamato and Fumi check on a covert spiritual weapon called "Brionac". Meanwhile, as Hibiki tries to cope with the deaths of Ronaldo, Otome and Joe whilst understand everything that's happened, he is approached by Alcor. Alcor reveals to Hibiki that humanity's ordeal is a direct result of the actions of the being, Polaris, who is attempting to restore the natural order of existence from the artificial one created by humans. As Hibiki struggles to accept this ridiculous reasoning for destruction, Alcor reveals that he is the 8th Septentrione, one of Polaris' mechanisms for order restoration. Alcor further laments his anguish of being an anomaly among the Septentriones since his own existence created by Polaris, contradicts his own desire for humanity's survival, and hence he gave them the power of demon summoning to display their survival will to Polaris. As Hibiki finally notices the phenomenon at the horizon, Alcor explains that it is "the Void" i.e. the absolute erasure of existence itself, adding that once all seven days of trials are over, Polaris will appear for humanity's Arbitration. Finally, Hibiki laments on the hopelessness of the situation while Yamato tells the JP's that he doesn't believe the world can be saved.

Demons Introduced: Heqet, Baal, Lorelei

Septentriones Introduced: Megrez, Alcor 

Episode 9 - Fifth Day: Thursday of Shock

Hibiki awakens on Thursday and to his surprise, finds Alcor waiting in his quarters. Over coffee they casually discuss the state of affairs. Hibiki, now believing that Alcor isn't a threat, gives him sanctuary in his JP's quarters, with a promise that he not reveal himself and what he actually is to anyone, for fear of creating a panic within JP's. Just then, Daichi and Io enter Hibiki's quarters and find Alcor, much to their shock. Although, Hibiki is forced to confide in them about Alcor's nature. Later that day, Airi and Hinako are selected by Makoto and Fumi to challenge the next Septentrione. Much to Hibiki's reluctance to let them fight, Makoto explains that the Septentrione: Alioth is scheduled to manifest in the Earth's Ionosphere, and hence, specialized long ranged demons that only Hinako and Airi can summon, stand any chance of attacking it. As Alioth manifests in the ionosphere above the Sapporo region, Hinako summons the demon Shiva at the Sapporo TV Tower while Airi summons the demon Kama over at the Kaitaku Memorial Park. Utilizing an ancient myth, the JP's has some Legion demons, bind Kama in chains and take it into position in the air. Kama's appearance angers Shiva and he attacks it with the Pasupata ability. The ability intersects with Alioth's core in the ionosphere and successfully destroys it. Afterwards, while everyone breathes a sigh of relief, Alioth's 50km outer shell plummets from the sky and falls over the Sapparo region, destroying the city and killing all the inhabitants, much to everyone's shock. Later, while going through Ronaldo's data, Hibiki struggles to come to terms with all who have died for Yamato's ideals. That evening, Yamato prepares a feast during which he tells Hibiki and co. of the coming of Polaris in two days and if they don't follow his orders they may die. Hibiki reveals to everyone that the JP's intends to use their encounter with Polaris to recreate the world the way they see fit, although, Yamato rejects this, stating that he is simply following his own ideals of creating a perfect Meritocracy. As Hibiki confronts Yamato once more, their ideals clash and with no room for consensus, promise to decide who is right on the final day.

In the epilogue, Makoto tells Io that on Friday's mission, she will be sacrificed.

Demons Introduced: Shiva, Kama

Septentriones Introduced: Alioth 

Episode 10 - Sixth Day: Friday of Farewells

The following morning Alcor surprises Hibiki, Daichi and Io by making breakfast for them, while Io withholds her fate from Hibiki and Daichi. Later, Alcor visits Yamato and expresses his concern over what consequences Io's death would have on Hibiki, although Yamato shows no sympathy for Alcor's anguish. Finally, Io is summoned by the JP's while Hibiki and co. are briefed on the Septentrione: Mizar's abilities of self-replication. As the group expresses concern on a battle plan, Yamato and Makoto reveal to their horror, Io inside a machine connected to the "Brionac" and their plan involving Io's sacrifice for Lugh. Furious, Hibiki demands another plan, although Yamato's logic trumps him. Finally Mizar manifests in Tokyo prompting Yamato to begin the summoning for Lugh. Simultaneously, Hibiki, Daichi and Hinako receive Io's death clip, causing Hibiki to storm out of the JP's headquarters. As Lugh manifests, Yamato assumes control of it and releases the Ryumyaku Seal at the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building to envoke the Dragon Stream - Shakko, while at the same time Io's mind begins to erode due to the strain of maintaining Lugh. Makoto explains that Shakko connects to a parallel universe and hence, is the only thing capable of banishing Mizar before it replicates infinitely and consumes their own universe, which Yamato manipulates through Lugh and thus defeats Mizar, just as Io's mind collapses. As Hibiki arrives at the Shinjuku National Stadium, Yamato orders him to destroy Lugh (Io) who has now gained control of Io's body. Enraged at being imprisoned by the Hotsuins, Lugh makes its way to the JP's Tokyo headquarters at the National Diet Building to take Yamato's life. Lugh appears and pummels the JP's defences with little effort, but remarks on Hibiki being a worthy opponent because of his summons. Hibiki tries to communicate with Io but Lugh insults Io's will before attacking him, knocking him off the side of the building, although he is saved by Yamato. Yamato then summons Baal and makes an attempt to kill Lugh but is stopped by Hibiki, using a combination of Suzaku and Byakko to destroy Baal, much to Yamato's anger. As Lugh begins to disintegrate, it launches a last attack to kill Yamato, although Hibiki pushes him out of the way, taking the hit. Too everyone's awe, the Dragon Shakko channels the Ryumyaku's power through Hibiki and allows him to defend the attack with his bare hands via a spiritual defense. Seeing this, Yamato acknowledges Hibiki as having the same power as him and offers a partnership, but Hibiki rejects him, saying he will use his power to save everyone. As the JP's realize they no longer control the Ryumyaku, Hibiki rises into the air, still blocking Lugh's attacks and is able to reach out to Io, reaffirming his promise that they will survive together and is able to successfully separate her from Lugh. No longer having a spiritual medium, Lugh is destroyed while Hibiki embraces Io, vowing to protect her, while Yamato remarks that Hibiki brought a miracle.

In the epilogue, Hibiki and Io plummet to the ground, with the former sustaining severe injuries due to the power of the Ryumyaku. Yamato has the JP's treat Hibiki's wounds before stating to Io that he will kill them all if they stand in his way.

Demons Introduced: Lugh

Septentriones Introduced: Mizar 

Episode 11 - Seventh Day: Saturday of Variances

Hibiki is put into intensive care at the JP's' Tokyo Branch. As the demon summoners look on, Io can't help but feel responsible for his current condition, although she is comforted by Jungo and Airi. Meanwhile, Alcor is visited by Botis and Bilfrons, the former of whom tries to attack him because of his supportive stance on the humans. Fumi updates the JP's phones with software capable of summoning stronger demons. The next day, Io, Daichi, Airi, Jungo and Hinako have breakfast together in a single moment of peace and officially introduce themselves to each other. As they go to exchange emails, they all simultaneously receive each other's death clips. Suddenly the last Septentrione: Benetnasch appears and destroys the Sapporo barrier with a single attack allowing the Void to consume the region. As Fumi outlines that it possesses the abilities of its predecessors, the Osaka and Nagoya regions are wiped out each with a single blast. Yamato then orders everyone to begin the operation. A flashback into Hibiki's past shows him growing up with strict parents. At a playground Daichi defends Hibiki from some bullies and the two quickly become best friends. After being able to enter high school, Hibiki's father warns him of choosing his friends carefully, but he chooses to reject this ideal and remain friends with the carefree Daichi. Simultaneously, Hibiki regains consciousness and tears at his sudden reminiscence. Meanwhile, Benetnasch eradicates the Diet Building in a blast equivalent to a nuclear explosion, rocking the city and exposing the Ryumyaku seal beneath its foundations. Here, Yamato has the JP's channel all of the Ryumyaku's power through him while creating a shield to defend from Benetnasch's attack. At the same time, Makoto and co. summon their demons and launch a barrage of attacks at Benetnasch which seem to overwhelm it. However, it suddenly splits part of itself off and emits a particular frequency that forcefully cancels their demon summons. Having anticipated this, Fumi, summons Trumpeter and has it neutralize Benetnasch's frequency. After warning Makoto to monopolize on the opportunity, Makoto receives Fumi's death clip, just as Benetnasch kills her with Phecda's laser. Realizing that protecting the summoners is wasted effort, Yamato cancels his shield. This allows Benetnasch to use Megrez's ability and launch multiple Dubhe clones which explode and kill Airi, Jungo and Hinako much to Daichi and Io's horror. Just as Daichi, Io and Makoto are about to be attacked, Hibiki appears and protects them with Suzaku. When he learns of his friends' deaths he charges at Benetnasch in a blind rage and defends an attack using Shakko's power. Angered by Yamato's abandonment of everyone, Hibiki begins debating within the heat of battle but again to no consensus. Just then, Benetnasch attacks them both with a powerful strike, but they are able to defend by combining their shields, which gradually begin weakening as Benetnasch focuses its power. No longer being able to sit and watch Hibiki die, Daichi summons the powerful Black Frost and with its help, they successfully destroy Benetnasch and survive the seven days of trials. In the aftermath, Yamato states that if Hibiki cannot kill him to stop his ideals, then he would take his life instead. Although Alcor appears and refuses to let Hibiki die.

Demons Introduced: Pallas Athena, Trumpeter, Black Frost

Septentriones Introduced: Benetnasch 

Episode 12 - Last Day: Sunday of Fruition, Part 1.

Episode 13 - Last Day: Sunday of Fruition, Part 2.

Characters from MegamiTenseiWikia:

Hibiki Kuze
Daichi Shijima
Io Nitta
Yamato Hotsuin
Makoto Sako
Anguished One
Hinako Kujou
Keita Wakui
Otome Yanagiya
Fumi Kanno
Airi Ban
Jungo Torii
Yuzuru Akie
Ronaldo Kuriki

Sorry but I only copied the recaps from wikipedia cause I got so busy I don't have time to watch and then update and my internet connection is currently on maintenance and stuff. I would really want to writ my own recap but I can't manage to do so just like what I did on episode 1.  
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