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So Undercover (2012 Film)

Your balls are amazing... I mean, Amaze-balls.

Dear Entertainment Diary,

Ok. I'm just so addictive on how the white girls, or should I say, like, white thrash speak! Like, OMFG, I just finished watching one of the funniest and movies like my eyes have ever seen, like, ever!

Ok, enough with that. So, kidding aside, I just watched So Undercover! Cheers! Basically, I have a copy of this movie since January 23, 2013, and I downloaded it along with The Life of Pi, another epic movie that I haven't watched yet. I just know it's epic, ok?

A little background on why did I pick 1 a.m for watching this film. Well, it's just that yesterday I processed something so I needed to wake up early, in which I did, and when I got home, I just fell asleep the whole afternoon until it was dark already. And now, since I can't sleep yet, I took the opportunity to watch it and so I can finally add it here in my E.D. (Entertainment Diary).

Molly Morris is a private investigator who chose to leave high school to work with her father, Sam, a former police officer. Together, their days are filled with busting cheating spouses and taking down petty thieves. However, her life unexpectedly changes when she is approached by FBI Agent Armon to go undercover in the one place they're unable to infiltrate, and a world she knows nothing about...College.

Since the film is still a little fresh in my mind, I think spoilers are coming out from my mouth! SORRY!!!

Based on the plot above, from Wikipedia, Molly, played by Miley Cyrus, is a teen P.I. always getting hired and teaming up with her dad to investigate about cheating husbands! Her father, played by Mike O'Malley, yep, Kurt's dad on glee,  was a former police officer and got fired because of being addicted to gambling!

In one of her investigations, a guy named Armon interrupted and talked to her, hiring her to join the F.B.I. who s currently investigating a very serious syndicate and to be able to save the syndicate's daughter, Alex Patrone, played by Lauren Mcknight!

They changed a tomboy Molly, dressed and trained her up to be like a real college girl, named Brook. Equipped with her brand new high techie stuff, new car, a glittery cellphone, and a bat phone, she goes into college, pretending to be a Kappa Kappa Zeta something like sisterhood.

There she met the queen bee Sasha and her 3 minions, Cotton, Taylor, and Hunter. Her room mate is Becky, a finance major played by Kelly Osborne. Fast Forward, she did everything she can to track who wanted to kill Alex and protected her, even when it means setting a fire in the curtain! Well, accidentally, that is.

There she faced diff kinds of problems like being the most popular in their sisterhood. Well, because she just wanted to fit in, that is. When she became the most popular sister, Sasha st her up and planted the stolen stuff in her room. The girls all hated her and accused her of being a klepto. Of course, a girls like her doesn't give up easily so she investigated Sasha's background  and she knew something about her past, in which I won't say! HAHAHA!

As the film goes by, a guy names Nicolas, played by Josh Bowman, liked her and actually asked her out but she refused, saying that she wasn't there to date but to protect Alex but Armon commanded her to date him, which she enjoyed in the process.

Another fast forward, Brook now thought that she knows everything. That Nicolas is really a bad guy named Patrick hired by the syndicate and she just cannot believe it. Then she went to her professor's river house and there she knew that Professor Talloway really is an F.B.I. agent and that Armon is the bad guy, setting her up to involuntarily work for him. This now made everything clear and Molly, the F.B.I.'s, her Sorority Sisters, and her father, well, let's include Nicolas, as well, devised a plan to capture Armon!

Ok, so technically, I liked the film, like a lot! Totes! Why? For knowing some of the words that white thrashes use. For making me laugh especially every time when Cotton opens her mouth and talk. For knowing that Miley really can do actions scenes! And there are many more to mention.

The only flaw that I didn't like about the movie is how it becomes predictable in the middle of the film. The moment where Armon gave the fake name of Nicolas to Molly is the time when I knew who real culprit is. but even though, the film just made a comeback by adding some Cotton's stupidity. Yeah, it's obvious that I like Cotton's character!

I read on wiki that critics gave negative reviews but the audience received it warmly. All I can say  is I'm part of an audience and I like the film!

Miley also said in an interview that she hates the release date of the film. Yeah, I think that this film was filmed before LOL? I'm also asking why did it take so long to release this? She hates the date of release because she has changed a lot, beginning from her looks, attitude, and all, but I don't care! I just love every inch of her no matter what! This is a very enjoyable film to watch. I was actually going to watch The ABC's of Death but my brother bailed on me and  can't watch a horror scene alone! I used to, but now I don;t want to. LOL!

Cast: (from wiki)
Miley Cyrus as Molly Morris/Brook Stonebridge
Jeremy Piven as Armon Ranford
Mike O'Malley as Sam Morris
Lauren McKnight as Alex Patrone
Josh Bowman as Nicholas Dexter
Kelly Osbourne as Becky Slotsky
Eloise Mumford as Sasha Stolezinsky
Megan Park as Cotton Roberts
Morgan Calhoun as Hunter Crawford
Alexis Knapp as Taylor Jaffe
Autumn Reeser as Bizzy
Matthew Settle as Professor Talloway

Let's support Miley's upcoming album ya'll!

Oh, i forgot to mention that one of my fave parts was when she rode the motorcycle while wearing a dress! Yep... those legs were open, baby! That was so cool!

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