Monday, November 10, 2014

Blank Space Music Video by Yaylor Swift

Dear Entertainment Diary,

SO... Since I cannot fall asleep and it's 1:45 A.M. because of this ache in my heart (YEP Broken-hearted) , I just happened to wait and see Tay-tay's new music video, Blank Space.

Blank Space overtook All Too Well and Out of the Woods as my new favorite song of hers of all time and I've got to admit that her new music video is way out of her old self! Knives, Axe, Golf club, and mercilessly funny acting.

We can see Taylor here as we have never seen her before. Crankier and way funnier than in Shake It Off.

This is probably also my favorite Music video of her as it shows cute lil ole story about a bachelorette who is looking for the right guy for her. The story shows as it progresses that the guy doesn't love her as she expected in the first place. That he's a stupid cheater. Taylor's acting also went up as I love how she played her role very funny.

She's also pretty and just so cute. Ebough said, just watch the video below and ya'll know what I am talking about!

You can read about her latest Album here: 1989


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