Saturday, October 25, 2014

1989 Taylor Swift (2014 Album)

The rest of the World was Black and White but we were in screaming colors.

Dear Entertainment Diary,

So finally, after 2 years of timelessly listening to her previous masterpiece, RED, Taytay released her new album (or should I say, will release her upcoming album). Of course, I won't let myself as a swiftie to be the last to hear it!

Currently, At the moment, as I am writing this blog post, I am listening to this damn new work of art of hers and loving it. She's nailing it. Although she departed from her old country pop, sweet style, Tay never failed to impress us. Everything she touches becomes Gold, or Platinum, or triple Platinum. (pun intended).

She wants to try new, wants to give and offer something new so us fans may enjoy it, and she did it. 

She already released 3 singles these past few weeks (Shake It Off, Out of the Woods, and Welcome To New York), and damn, Out of the Woods is basically my favorite off this album. It's like I can clearly see/picture in my mind what she was narrating in this song.

Shake It Off was her first single off this album. Ever since I heard it, I thought, "Is this the new Taylor?"

I got the new Taylor. 1989 is her newest album, so basically, we are going to hear late 80's or early 90's music style. Them beats. I only heard her acoustic guitar in How You Get The Girl which is surprisingly FUN because of these beats covering the instrumental and humming with her naturally beautiful voice.

Bad Blood is the one I was waiting for as she said in an interview that it was about some female celebrity that she has Bad Blood with. In any case, it's a cute little song that reminds me of cheerleaders singing together. I wish that it's kind of a power ballad.

I Know Places reminds me of her BFF Lorde. It's kind of dark but I really love it! The piano instrumental is so cute to listen to. It reminds me of Glory and Gore, which is one of my fave from Lore's Album, Pure Heroine. We are the Hunters and they are the Foxes...

On Clean, I can also hear Lorde singing with Taylor. I don't know why, although it's not as dark as Lorde's sing but probably because all those voices blending with Taylor reminds me of her. 

New Romantics probably is the one who brought me back in the past the most. This song reminds me of the styles of the old songs I hear as my father blasted off our radio during weekends. 

I am actually waiting for songs just like "All Too Well", but by just thinking about the album title, we are not going to hear it. And I did not hear anything like it. This Love is the closest, the saddest, the most serious song in the album. And I like it.

All You Had to Do Was Stay is one hell of a heartbreaking song. If you listen to it, it's not like about a broken relationship. You can jive to it and dance all night especially if you're brokenhearted and stuff. For me, it's one of the highlights.

To sum everything all off, from Welcome to New York to New Romantics, 1989 is all about everything Taylor wants to tell us, from Places where she wants to go, from her relationship (nothing new about it), and all the stuff that's been bugging her especially about love. 1989 is the year she was born, and 80's is the era of beats and Taylor showed and let us hear every little beat we need to hear to take us back in those years. This transition of hers did not actually departed her from her country style kind of cheesy pop songs. She's still her. She still did not leave her old acoustic guitar as we can still hear it in this album.

In the end, all I want to say is there are songs that I'm going to be addicted to. Out Of The Woods is the best off this album. Taylor Swift Rocks.

Image courtesy of Big Machine Records.


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