Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Liar Game: Reborn

"The end of the game is the start of the Next. As long as there is greed, Liar game will never end." -Omega

I just watched the 2nd film from the Liar  Game franchise, Liar Game: Reborn which was released last March 23, 2012

I want to say that this is probably the least of my favorite from the franchise. It's not that it's bad, but because Kanzaki Nao, one of the main protagonists of the 2 series and from the first movie did not take any part in this film. I actually am saddened by that fact when I read it from Tumblr. I even hesitated to watch this film but I figured out that I shouldn't just watch any films or series because of the actors and actresses, it's like judging the book by its cover and I might miss a very beautiful story/movie. But I still am disappointed because they didn't even mention her name even just a bit or only for a second or two. :/ It's like she's never been a part of this. I miss Erika Toda's voice especially her cuteness, Nao's naive personality as well.

Anyways, overall I still loved the movie. The story happened 2 years after Akiyama won the game. The game was revived because of only one reason: The sponsors/LGT Office are aiming to target Akiyama Shinichi for revenge after they loss a large sum of money because of him.

The film began with Fukunaga, laughing maniacally, and irritating and saying rude things to his opponent, Yokoya. At first, I thought it's a glimpse from the game but I was wrong. They were the only two playing and knowing Liar Game, obviously, Fukunaga lost. It then switches to a graduation scene where our new heroine, Yu Shinomiya, is graduating. When she reached her home, she found a package and opened it, not knowing it's from The LGT Office, just like the first episode of Liar  Game Season 1 where Nao Kanzaki was invited to her first game. She is now invited to play the game and didn't have any choice because she already opened the invitation, then Alice, a child from the LGT Office, just came out from nowhere inside her room, explaining what she needs to know about the game.

She then went to Shinichi, who is now a professor, but rejected her saying to just don't mind the game. But on her way, a vehicle stopped in front of her and brought her to the venue of the game.

She reached the venue, a very isolated and destroyed building with some Arabic, or Middle Eastern, writings in front of it. There he met all the players, and she was surprised seeing Akiyama there. Mari, who is also from the previous game, is invited in the current game now, telling to everyone that Akiyama is the previous victor from the Final Stage. The game was then explained and titled MUSICAL CHAIRS. The game started, and it is up to Shinichi to protect Yu and all the other players as well.

This film contains many new actors and actresses. As I mentioned earlier, Kanzaki Nao wasn't seen nor mentioned even just for a bit of a scene. Eri, the beautiful LGT Secretariat was not present as well, which also counts as a disappointment because she's one of my favorite characters.

Nao and Yu has many differences, most especially when Yu betrayed Akiyama because she was deceived. Also, she's scared to lose unlike Nao, who will undoubtedly and wholeheartedly offer herself just to save everyone in the game. Nao always believes and trusts Shinichi but Yu hesitated Shinichi in this movie, probably, a couple of times. 

To sum it all up, I miss many characters from the series and from the first movie especially Nao, in whom the story revolves. But as I said, this is part of the Liar Game franchise. I actually was hearing the name KANZAKI NAO whenever the referee is about to say who the players voted as parent of the game but if you really are a lover of it, you'll watch it and enjoy it even without Nao.

The Psychological stuff are way lesser than the previous film. Yes, there are still deceptions, but it remains only in that part. The comical part is not that visible anymore but I got to say that the some parts of the story were unexpected.

Casts: (from
Shota Matsuda - Shinichi Akiyama
Mikako Tabe -  Yu Shinomiya
Mana Ashida - Alice
Makiko Esumi - Omega
Eiko Koike -  Emi
Mari Hamada - Mai Sakamak
Jun Kaname - Kota Akagi
Kosuke Suzuki - Yuji Fukunaga
Kazuma Suzuki - Norihiko Yokoya
Ikkei Watanabe - Mitsuo Tanimura
Eiichiro Funakoshi - Takashi Chohon
Yosuke Kawamura - Makoto Sakai
Yoko Saito - Yukiko Abe
Natsuhi Ueno - Mika Mikamoto 
Ako Masuki - Kei Kimura
Hirofumi Arai - Nobuteru Kiryu
George Takahashi - Kenji Sarukawa 
Maho Nonami - Eiko Inuzuka
Shihou Harumi - Norihiko Yasukawa
Toshiro Uehara - Akira Tsumura
Tadahiro Aoki - Kakeru Saiki
Ken Maeda - Tetsuya Murata
Takuro Ohno - Tatsuji Wada
Ryo Ryusei - Osamu Shimoharada
Tetsuhiro Ikeda - Takahiro Shima

Of course, as usual, just like the the Liar Game Series and film, this film contains sub-stories, deceptions, turnarounds, and twists and surprises. If you enjoyed watching the other franchise, you will surely love this Liar Game, as well. :)

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