Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Almost Home by Mariah Carey - 2013 Song

Dear Entertainment Diary,

So I was just looking in the web and I've come across to Mariah's new song from her soundcloud, Almost Home, which is a song from one of the upcoming Disney Films, Oz The Great and Powerful. 

A lot have been saying, especially the fans, positive things! Yes... We miss her powerful vocals and this is like her comeback song from a while and I, myself, love it, as well!

I've got to say that this is not like the Disney Classic songs like Can't You Feel The Love Tonight, Go The Distance, A Whole New World, and songs by the Disney Princesses like Part of Your World, Beauty and the Beast, Reflection, and Colors of the Wind because of using instruments such synths and heavy drumbeats, and especially for being RNB-ish. But even though, the song still finds a place as a Disney soundtrack like her other song with the Legendary Whitney Houston, When You Believe.

Mariah still got 'em powerful vocals baby! Even in the beginning, those heavy breathy low whispers just gave us listeners the chills!

So here it is, Almost Home from Mariah's Soundcloud page.

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