Wednesday, February 06, 2013

One Way Or Another - One Direction Song Leaked!

Dear Entertainment Diary,

Apparently, as the post's title stated, the newest single of the famous boyband , "One Direction,  which they recorded for UK Comic Relief Charity has leaked online yesterday and the members of the band were so sad that it had happened.

The song is a song by the band, Blondie, and has appeared on numerous films such as Coyote Ugly, Mean Girls, Monte Carlo, So Undercover, and many more.

It was originally set for a February 18 release but these certain people may not have enough patience and leaked it online. It happens every time in the industry.

Louis Tomlinson wrote on twitter:

“I hear the charity single has been leaked. Very sad to see. Don't forget together we are trying to raise money for Comic Relief.” 
Undoubtedly, he's in dismay for what had happened especially when they worked they butt off to earn money for charity but who's to blame?

And now, the version leaked on YouTube has been taken of by the uploader but I'm pretty sure that people who already heard it hurriedly converted it to mp3 and downloaded a copy for themselves. Some are even circulating in the internet!

Anyhow, I just hope they still gather lots or tons of money for it is in the first place for charity. Lusten to a very LOW VERSION of the song here:

The copyrights for the video and image used still go to their oiriginal owner.
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