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Red (Taylor Swift Album)

Taylor Swift's anticipated album, Red, has surfaced online 4 days before its release and fans and critics are all talking about it now. Leaked! I know some strong Swifties are not downloading or listening to the songs yet and patiently waiting for the official release of Red. Hang on there little buds.
So shame on me for listening to Taylor's new album. What can I say? I don't have the guts to wait until October 22, I mean, I've been so excited for so many months now just to hear her songs and even updated my blog for 5 of her songs. Sorry. I don't have enough will power.

I've got to say that Red is one of my favorite album to date. Why? Simply because I love Taylor. I love how she writes her experiences and transcribe it into songs. I love how she never gave up on love despite all the heartbreaks she's been through. And simply because her songs, especially in this one, are all so easy to relate with.

I've been listening to her since Teardrops on my Guitar and I noticed that every time she released an album, she gets more mature on every song with a dash of being majestically fantastic and fairy tale-ey. this album, she got more mature, lyrically and melodically, and, she traveled a more pop rock road especially when she released her 1st single from the album, We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. It then followed by 4 songs but only Begin Again and Red remind me of the old Taylor we know. She is now being fierce and strong musically, expanding her fan base.

So a lot of us thought that Taylor is leaving her country style behind but I guess we are wrong. We stand corrected.On her latest album, Taylor offered us songs which will remind us of the Taylor we know. the fun loving, kindhearted, and never-giving-up-on-love country princess. Yes, she might have a lot of fast-clubbing-dancey-songs in Red, but we can still feel her country self because of the instruments she used and especially on how she pronounced her words from the songs' lyrics.

My Thoughts:

State of Grace - The last promotional single released explaining how taylor found love and all the possibilities that may happen, good or not. I love how she sings oh-oh-oh-oh-whoah-oh-oh and how she bravely but effortlessly shifted from her country style to some different genre, overpowering our musical minds and loving it.

Red - This song is my most favorite song from the album. The title track contains lyrics and words explaining her colorful love.

Treacherous - A very romantic but dangerous lover story for loving a bad boy. Taylor's voice is just so perfect for singing emotional verses.

I Knew You Were Trouble - This song is one of the songs that sang by the new Taylor. DUBSTEP. This song is very fearless especially its lyrics, not being ashamed to the world saying that she's being used or something when she fell for someone she already knew was trouble from the very start she laid eyes on him!

All Too Well - the only song from the album where there are 2 consecutive the same letters on each word. HAHA! One thing got my attention to this beautifully written love song, the scarf! This is a love story about a scarf. HAHA! Just Kidding! This actually is very country-ish and reminds us of her previous album, Speak Now. Maybe it's an indication, saying whether what genre she will be into, she will never leave her country music. This is one of the best from the album as well.

22 - A very fun song telling a story on how they talked and made fun of their exes and feeling 22! Aside from being a happy song, our country star still told us some conflicts and problems she experienced.

I almost Do - A ballad about how she wanted to reconnect with her ex but is not ready to face another goodbye, afraid on risking her heart to be hurt again and torn into pieces. 

We Are Never Ever getting Back Together - A huge hit when it was released, the first indication that Taylor experimented her music and ready to travel a new genre. A song about saying NO to her ex. how they will never ever getting back together, like ever.

Stay Stay Stay - This song reminds me of her song Ours, only a little faster and sillier. A song how they almost broke up and then they talked the next morning about it. It's kind of a funny story especially when the guy wore a helmet before talking to her after Taylor threw the phone to him last night. 

The Last  Time (Feat. Gary Lightbody) - A duet by Snow Patrol's lead singer and Taylor Swift, telling us all their Last Time's on everything about their relationship.

Holy Ground -  Another fast tune from the country singer but we can still recognize her country style because of the guitar plucking and on how she sang and pronounced the lyrics. A nice song about a relationship that ran on New York Time. She also told us she wanna dance but only will if he dances with her. 

Sad Beautiful Tragic - A very sad and slow song telling us a beautiful magic but sad beautiful tragic love affair. This song is perfect for a slow dance in prom nights and high school dances. I imagine myself dancing with the person I love when I listen to this song.

The Lucky One - Another one of my fave songs from this new album telling us a story of the perils or danger of fame. A song with a story of a then famous celebrity and how she left all the fortune and fame in exchange to live a normal but happy life. I love the song's story especially the part where Taylor finally realized why the Hollywood celeb made her decision and telling her she's right when she's finally experiencing the stuff the former celebrity had experienced when her name is up in lights. This song reminds me of  her song Untouchable. Let's just hope Taylor won't leave us any sooner.

--I actually thought at first that this is a love story about Zac Efron because the song's the title is also the title of Zac's film.

Everything Has Changed ft. Ed Sheeran - A love song where the 2 famous singers serenade each other, telling us the story of a force of a new and sudden love being felt. A perfect duet and I love how their voices touch and embrace each other, blending together creating a perfect harmony.

Starlight - Another dance-able tune that reminds me of Mine. The falsetto, the breathing, the lowliness of her voice, all in this song makes me love the whole album more. It makes me think of myself listening to it under a starry starry night, dancing outside all by myself. 

Begin Again - the first song I heard from the album that reminds me of the country Taylor especially after hearing we Are Never Ever Getting Back Together. This is a song about one of her first dates and all the vulnerabilities accompanying it.

These are all enough to put this album to the top of the charts! Congrats Tay-Tay!

This is what I think of all the songs of the album. It's a very good album, surpassing her previous, Speak Now, on my musical point of view. Now, Red has been receiving Rave reviews all over the net. I'm telling you again that I don't consider my blog post here as reviews. Thanks. :)

Officially, All Too Well and I Almost Do have slain my precious little heart every time I listen to those melodically heartbreaking love songs... The Lucky One, just a perfect story..

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