Monday, October 22, 2012

Red's Hidden Messages (Taylor Swift)

Taylor has her own unique way of sharing her experiences through her songs; love, family, friends, etc., but that's not all. In every booklet/digital booklet in her albums, there are hidden messages in its lyrics.

It's like decoding some secret stuff using free decoder rings from cereal boxes telling us the secret of universe and all. But instead of decoder rings, Taylor gives us digital booklets where the lyrics of her songs on the album were written in small and capital letters. The rule is: Find all the CAPITAL LETTERS and make words, phrases, or even sentences by combining or putting it all together in the order how they appeared in the lyrics. 

Of course, we all dig it since we all wanna know the hidden messages behind the songs like who's the inspiration when she was writing and composing it or to whom will she dedicate it and stuff. Clues are given, why should we let it slip through us when there's a chance we may know the stories behind the songs and mostly, her love life. Clues could be a person's name, initials, places, or even events, but mostly sentences/phrases.

So last night, I decoded the hidden messages and I've got to say that it's not that easy. It's pretty hard especially when you are thinking why the heck are All Too Well and 22's page are missing? How can I possibly decode the lyrics if the booklet is missing a page and  why would it miss All Too Well's? It's like one of the songs that I wanna sing along to and simply, one of the best I have heard. Moving on, Speak Now is easier to decode.

So here's what I got:

State of Grace- I Love You Doesn't Count After Goodbye
Red- SAG
I Knew You Were Trouble - When You Saw Me Dancing
Treacherous - Wont Stop Till Its Over
I Almost Do - Wrote This Instead Of Calling
We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together - When I Stopped Caring What You Thought
Stay Stay Stay - Day Dreaming About Real Love
The Last Time - LA on your Break
Holy Ground - When You Came to the Show In SD
Sad Beautiful Tragic - While You were On a Train
The Lucky One - Wouldnt You Like To Know
Everything Has Changed - Hyiannis Port
Starlight - For Ethel 
Begin Again – I Wear Heels Now
As you can see, All Too Well and 22 is not included and fans are wondering why. Even legit buyers from iTunes or illegitimate downloaders from torrent and file sharing site are getting confused why would someone let this mistake happen. And I thought that the release of Red would be flawless. I Spoke to soon. I just hope someone friggin' fix this. Anyhow, I searched the web and finally found out what the hidden secrets behind the two missing songs are:

All Too Well - Maple Lattes
22 - ASHLEY(Ashley Avignone) DIANNA(Dianna Agron) CLAIRE(Claire Winter) SELENA(Selena Gomez)

Now, we are done decoding the hidden mysterious messages from each of the songs on the album and the only dilemma left is what the heck are they implying to signify? 

As always, Swifties and other people who want to snoop around their noses in other people's businesses are arguing about the facts behind the clues.

Here is Perez Hilton's "Theory": 
"OK, so this is what we think: It starts off with her breakup with John Mayer and THEN she meets Jake Gyllenhaal at the Screen Actors Guild AKA SAG, who fell for her when he saw her dancing!
Then, things weren't going so well but she wasn't quite willing to quit the relationship, yet she also didn't want to admit she still loved him.
Then, finally her and Jake break up and are NEVER getting back together, but she still holds hope for love. Then, perhaps her and Jake get together again while he's in LA, but THEN she meets her current beau Conor Kennedy!
AAaannnd pretty much the rest of the songs tell the tale of her falling in love with Conor and her blossoming friendship with his grandmother Ethel Kennedy… the phrases that read Hyiannis port and Ethel are obviously about the Kennedys!"

But on the post's comment section, fans are raging saying that some of it were wrong:

Krk: LA on your break= Tim Tebow and there fateful and short "romance".
Haley: Taylor said the album would state and end with the same relationship, which is actually not John Mayer but Jake Gyllenhaal. "Twin Fire Signs, 4 blue eyes" is Jake. They're both Sagittarius. Note the next song: "SAG" or maybe "Swift and Gyllenhaal".
"Begin Again" is her and Will Anderson after her and Jake broke up.
Haley: And Treacherous - 'Won't Stop Til It's Over' is a lyric in Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap
In "All Too Well" she says "Your sweet disposition and my wide eyed gaze" … 
Helen7: in 22 she spells ASHLEY(ashley avignone) DIANNA(dianna agron, right before the A there's an I) CLAIRE(claire winter) SELENA(selena gomez) 
Well, at least some of it sounds factually true. In any case, fans and people around the world will still continue the speculations and rumors about Tay-tay's life. About the true meaning behind these clues she has shared and given to us? Only Taylor knows.

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