Saturday, October 06, 2012

Red Track List (Taylor Swift Album)

The official list of songs in Taylor Swift's Album, Red, is officially unveiled! Are ya'll excited for the album to come out?

I have heard 3 songs from it already; We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, Begin Again, and Red. I'm super Duper Excited to hear all of the songs since like I heard that she is busy writing and recording for a new album. It's been 2 years when she released her 3rd Album, Speak Now, which also contains massive hits. 

Here is the track listing for Taylor Swift's New Album:

I'm excited to hear the song The Lucky One which is I think about Zac Efron. Why? Because that is the title of his movie and also rumor has it that they dated, and if ever, I think it's true. LOL. :)

I Almost Do is also a very intriguing title for a song. I'm so frustrated right now. I wanna hear all the songs this instance!!! UGH

And now it's clear that Ronan is not included in the album and just a charity single. In anyway, it's still a great song. One of the saddest, actually. Remarkable.

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Taylor swift official facebook account.
(c) Taylor Swift


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