Saturday, August 15, 2015

Attack On Titan - Live Action (2015 Japanese Film)

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Dear Entertainment Diary,

I know many of us are great fans of the hit anime Shingeki No Kyojin/ Attack on Titans. Well, I've watched it couple of years back and I've got to say it kicked ass even though it's not yet finished and let us hanging in the brink of desperation to know what comes next after Annie hid in her crystal shell like thingy. (read the manga, ok?)

In this case, Attack On Titan (live-Action) has its own definition. Meaning, it did not remain true to the manga/anime, but is kind of good in its own way,

Lots and lost of scenes and background stories were very crucially different vs the manga/anime but I've got to say, it's still watchable. It's still good since the action scenes and effects were kind of good (not that good,but still). The faces of the titans were still annoying just like in the anime. Jean is still annoying. Sasha still likes potatoes. Armin is not blonde anymore. Hans is still funny,

I'm just looking for some major characters like Levi, who, just to let you know, is my 2nd favorite character off the anime/manga! I mean, where the heck is he? And who the hell is Shikishima in the anime/manga? The movie is good, but as one of the many fans of the anime/manga, I'm still confused what happened to some characters and why the hell are there many new characters?

Again, it would be better if they stick to the storyline of the anime/manga but, the film doesn't stink because of that, It's still good. It's still watchable. It's still doesn't give us LEVI!!!

Basically, there is just one thing the anime and this movie have in common.
THEY BOTH DID NOT FINISH THE STORY AND LEFT US HANGING IN THE BRINK OF DESPERATION! This film is only the first part. The 2nd part will be released on September and I just can't wait to watch it now that Eren bacame a Titan. OOOPPPSSS, SPOILER ALERT.


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