Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Kiss You MV by One Direction

Dear Entertainment Diary,

So finally, the much awaited ever-delaying Music Video of One Direction's latest single from their latest album TAKE ME HOME, "Kiss You'', is now released and the fangirls and guys are doing their best to break Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj's record as Most viewed music video in 24 hours. It currently has 4.8 million views after 12 hours being in YouTube/VEVO.

First of, I would like to say I enjoyed watching the video. It suits the fun environment of the song especially when the boys are doing their stuff and just having fun. I knew about their 3rd single probably last November/December and been patiently waiting to watch it since then.

The music video, as I said earlier, is very fun and very enjoyable to watch. Enjoyable than LWWY but for me, it never beats the sincerity of Little Things.

The guys, as usual, are doing stupid and fun things in the video in front of a green screen. It is showed also that the music video was shot only in the studio. Several scenes like where Zayn, Harry, and Liam were riding the motorcycle while Louis and Niall were riding the car, the boys were surfing and riding the waves while shirtlessly dancing, as well as dancing in front of a jail with jailers as back up dancers were shown. There's also a scene where they're skiing and dancing in a fake snow. Oh! I nearly forgot the part where they sing and dance in an I-think-it's-a-navy-costume?

In fairness, Niall and Louis are both active in this video. :)

Just watch this video and you will understand what fun is. Although it is kind of noticeable that they used some effort to execute fun and do some stupid stuff but in the end, the point of the video were taken. :)

My fave scenes were when Harry covered her four nipples in a funny way that he is not afraid to show us his body in spite of its additional feature. And of course, the scene where Zayn kisses Harry in the end of the video! Yeah, bromance baby.

Sorry for not being active. My laptop is still broken and I miss blogging a lot! i think next week, our newly bought monitor will arrive. Hopefully.

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