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The Good Die Young

The Mysterious Traveler

OK, so my second post is about a story I heard on my Internet Radio (one of the best apps on my phone, by the way), this morning in the HORROR THEATRE (yes, it's spelled as -tre) . Actually, I just heard it not so long ago, it's 6:00 am now and it's 30 mins long. I always listen to that station, it's simply one of the best, classic, and what I like the most, the stories on the said station always put me to sleep, in a good way. It just simply gives me the creeps.

The Good Die Young is one of the stories aired in an anthology radio show entitled, The Mysterious Traveler, which aired and ran stories with genres like fantasy, horror, science fiction, crimes, and murders. The Good Die Young is a story about, well, I think I can call it murder/crime. 

The main character is a girl named Sandra who loves his father very much. One day from school, she went home late and welcomed by their faithful housekeeper with scolding and telling her that she's not going to be around anymore since her (Sandra's) dad was again married. Sandra, of course in shock, got angry because she only wants her father to be hers, not with anyone else.

That night, her father arrived with his new wife. They were both happy, laughing, although they are both nervous what would Sandra's reaction be since she doesn't know anything about her father getting re-married again. They called Sandra and she instantly showed up a actually handled the news with smile and happiness since she said, she's gonna be like just the other girls, girls with mom. Of course, after hearing this, the newly-married couple was so happy.

One day, while the father was at work and the mother, I think, was taking care of the household chores, Sandra, was playing the piano beautifully, since she's good at it, but then instantly, we can hear noises from the piano. It was Sandra, playing it recklessly and noisily. Hearing the loud piano noise, the mother went to her and told her it's not the way to play the piano and asked her nicely, very nicely, to play it like she always does. Sandra, then said, ok, politely, so the mother get back to what she was doing.

A few minutes later, Sandra was banging the piano again. (I want to use the term banging since it was like a drum). So for the 2nd time, her step mother walked up to her and 
spoke to her again nicely. But Sandra said she's 'just making a new music for her father". But that's not what I heard, neither what her mother did. She was making noise, so her mother sent her up to her room, thinking it was enough piano-ing for the day.

As soon as the father arrived home, the mother told him what happened, and didn't believe her so he spoke with Sandra. Of course, Sandra, told her father that she was just making a new music for him, so the couple let her get away with it. (Nasty brat).

Sandra went home from school, and as soon as she stepped into the house, she was welcomed by her new mother's interrogation. This time, it was about the milk. Yes, MILK. Apparently, her teacher told her mother that Sandra wasn't buying milk the whole past month, and the mother has the right to ask about it cause she was the one who was giving her the milk money. Sandra, of course, denied this and continued to lie. They argued and argued until Sandra cried and then the father entered the scene from work. He asked why Sandra was crying and her wife answered and told him everything. The father asked her daughter if this is true and she answered yes, but there's a reason. (Of course, why shouldn't there be?). Sandra said she was saving her milk money for her father's birthday. So Sandra bought him a new bike, wow,out of her Milk Money. She told them she lied because she didn't want them to know about it until his birthday, which is in fact the next day, just not to ruin the surprise. But her step mother ruined it. Again, the step mother felt bad. Poor her.

The father went home, of course, again from work, where else? Anyways, her wife welcomed him with another problem about Sandra. She broke her valuable vase, which is the 4th time that week. This time, she felt something is wrong. Broken things happen to be her belongings and not by anyone else, meaning she thinks Sandra was doing it on purpose. Well, as I was listening too, I think she really did it on purpose. But alas, the father didn't believe her so he went upstairs to Sandra's room to ask her about it. As he entered the room, he called for Sandra but no one answered. The room was so silent and he saw, a note, apparently adressed to him, saying Sandra was so sorry for not being a good girl, for always ruining her step mother's vases, lies, lies, lies, yadah yadah yadah. Then the father dashes downstairs and reported the incident to the police. Later that night, Sandra was brought home by a police officer, crying, saying it was so dark out there. Of course it was! It was night, night should be dark, unless it is a full moon.

So the couple talked, and the mother thought it is because of her why Sandra ran away. She said they can't go on like this, always fighting over Sandra, but the father said if she really loves him, she won't give up so easily. The mother agreed and said she'll give it another try, so the father went up to Sandra again to talk to her. He told her that her step mother almost left them but he stopped her, to Sandra's dismay. But as soon as her father left the room, we can hear her saying she must leave.

This time, Sandra and her daddy was going out for a walk, I think, in the park? The father asked his wife to go and bring him his coat. She was gonna, but suddenly, she was shocked and we hear a scream and she fell downstairs. Her husband was waking her up but to no avail. Sandra asked his father if her step mother is dead but her father didn't like her question. They brought her up to the hospital and thanks to the heaven she is fine. Sandra, not liking it, was too silent the whole time so the doctor talked to her. The doctor asked her father if she is still having nightmares and her father answered sometimes, she is still experiencing nightmares.

Back to the house, the step mother asked Sandra if she can get her the meds that the doctor prescribed. Sandra, happily gave her a bottle of poison. She noticed it and asked who put it there inside the medicine cabinet. Sandra innocently apologized and said the poison and medicine looked like just the same. Then added what if her mother drank it up, she could've died.

Maurice Tarplin was stranger on the train who
 told listeners creepy stories.
That same night, we can hear Sandra screaming and shouting, probably having nightmare again about his father being taken by someone. She was shouting "he's mine," or something like that. Then her father came to the rescue, calming her down. Her step mom suggested they should give Sandra the same medicine the doctor prescribed to her. His husband agreed, and he told Sandra about it. Sandra, hearing this, panicked, and screamed saying "no, no, I'm gonna die if I drink that". The parents of course, didn't want to be awaken again by her nightmares, forced Sandra to drink the said sleeping pills. Sandra closed her mouth just not to in take the medicine but 1 girl versus 2 adults is kind of unfair. The mother made her swallowed the meds and she began shouting and screaming again. "It burns father, it hurts". The couple panicked and brought her to the hospital.

The doctor told the couple that it was already too late and that Sandra is dead. Oh Lordy! the couple didn't understand what happened and said they just gave her the medicine he prescribed. But the doctor said it was just for sleeping and she should only be asleep. The step mom gave the medicine to the doctor and they are all in shock when the doctor said someone replaced the medicine he gave her with poison, well, actually, he said the generic name of the poison. The father then thinks of who could've done it until he became silent and looked at his wife. The wife, of course, couldn't believe he's accusing her of killing his daughter, became hysterical and began shouting, "No! No!". Then the story concluded.

We then back at the mysterious traveler, sitting in the train, telling the story.

I kinda liked the story, although I can't assure you that my PLOT is 100% accurate
It's like a typical story about a girl who loves her father so much, she would do anything not to let anyone take him away from her. Well, of course, in the end, she got a taste of her own medicine, literally. We all know that she was the one who replaced her mother's medicine which was unintentionally gave to her. Talking about irony. 

Well, see you later! :) Going to sleep now. By the way, I don't own the story. The copyright goes to the owner, scriptwriter, or writers of the story. :) Till next time!

My rate? It's Good.

You can read more about The Mysterious traveler here.


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