Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Partners Cancelled (Are you F*cking Kidding Me?)

Dear Entertainment Diary,

I am very down right now and want someone to talk to and let my feelings of sadness out. Where have I been? Why didn't I heard it last week? Ugh. I'm dressing all black for the wake of my favorite TV show, Partners.

Earlier, probably about 10 minutes ago, I was about to download the seventh episode of the show but on my  horror, I can't see any piece of the 7th episode all over the internet and this actually troubled me so I hurriedly researched why and found the f*ck out about it being cancelled. Why? Oh, CBS, why did you cancel that great show? I like it so much that I even download every single episodes the same week they were aired. It was even nominated on next year's People's Choice as a new TV Comedy and I voted for it for 10 times. 

It is actually one the US comedy sitcoms that I monitor to watch the same week in the US, the previous was Glee but I moved on from it. I still don't know why CBS cancelled it and even erased or omitted the info about the show on their website. Is it because of the low ratings? Well, I heard that they got 6 million viewers every week and I read that it's not that bad. 

I'm gonna miss the 4 great actors especially the team player Michael Urie and his handsome hush puppy, Brandon Routh. Sophia Bush's hotness and David Krumholtz awkwardness. 

The actors are very thankful for their fans who supported them all the way, including me, and I know inside, many people were and still bummed for the company's decision. :(

Michael Urie(Louis): “Thanks for the love and support! #Partners will have a special place in my heart, and the best part was how much y’all liked it. #bestfans”
David Krumholtz (Joe): “Thanks for all the support.” “Grateful.” When asked if the remaining episodes will air sometime, the actor responded, “Cable. That is all.”
Brandon Routh (Wyatt): “Well, that’s it folks. Our run of #Partners is over. Thanks so much for your love, support, & dedication 2 our show. Much love from us 2 u.”
Sophia Bush (Ali): “Sadly, it is so. What a fun run it has been. I love @michaelurie @DaveKrumholtz @BrandonJRouth so much. Our producers. Our crew. Thank u all”
Can someone join me in the wake? Bring some cookies and coffees, and let's watch the 6 episodes of this great show that has been axed by CBS. :/ 

The question is still there. Why axed it? Ratings? Critics' reviews? What? Enlighten me.


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