Saturday, December 15, 2012

Felt Like a Hero in a Sports Family Drama

Dear Entertainment Diary,

Have you ever seen a film or TV series/specials where like there's a race or 100 km (uhm?) dash and the heroes/main protagonists of the dramas or even the slightest reliable characters there were making it in the finish like in a slow motion kind of way, ready to reach the goal, and then suddenly they just stumbled on the ground? There were instances that they reach the finish line because they rolled through the finish but there were also times like they just lost and just helplessly lying in a hot or cold concrete ground.

That is what I felt this lonely hot afternoon as we were playing football. When I saw/watched those kinds of scenes, I was like, "Oh my gosh, that was just terrible. It doesn't even make sense. The finish line was right there! So close, yet they managed to slipped it to their fingers like it was not worth it.". I thought that it was kinda overacting and stuff, just to gain affection and attention of the viewers. BUT, I didn't even think for a second that it can totally happen in reality. Yes, that was what happened to me.


I was the only one alive (meaning, my team mates were all killed, in a playful kind of way, not literally), and I must kicked the ball and complete a 5 back and forth home run. We were all playing for a long time there, like an hour and so, and the bases of our field were all too many distant from each other (thanks to my brother). That's the reason I can barely breath during the first part of our game. I was almost out of breath, inhaling and exhaling very fast.

So, it was time for my home run and I made it through the first run. The second run was where it all happened. I kicked the ball not so far away, so the other team gained the ball quickly and ran towards me, ready to kill me as well. But I'm not born to give up. So, I ran quickly as I could and I could feel my ankles and knees giving up but I still fought the feeling and continuously ran to the finish line, but, when I almost reach our base, I just stumbled and rolled in a f*cking hot concrete ground. I made it on our base, but I just found myself lying still, running out of breath, feeling my scratches aching, but still proud I made it. Thanks for that rolling out scene!

The kids, my team mates and the other team, were all laughing at me and I was also laughing my ass out loud while still lying on the ground. I just know that before, I already felt dizzy and some uneasiness inside me, like I wanna throw up or something, but still, I wanna play some more. I got out of balance. That was the price to pay.

Sadly, I was shot by the ball on my fourth home run, or did they catch the ball when I kicked it? Anyways, I was killed during the fourth home run. It was the other team's turn to play and after a few shots, I went home, first. As I was walking home, that was when my head turns, my eye sights were all getting black and I just want to collapse but I still made it in our house, swaying. I instantly lay down in our sofa and called for my grandma to help me treat my wounds and scratches. Damn, at this point, they are still aching so bad. I got 2 wounds on my right knee, 1 deep wound on my left elbow, 2 scratches on my left shoulder, 1 deep wound on my left waist and some scratches on my hands and feet. It's been so long that I can't even remember when I last had a wound. My body isn't flawless anymore. :( The wounds may heal but the scars will always be there to remind me of my very epic-rolling-on-the-f*cking-hot-concrete-ground. It was awesome, yeah, but it was  frustratingly shameful as well.

SO, to sum it all up. It was a great experience for me. I proved to myself that I'm still a good fast runner and also, that the-not-making-it-in-the-finish-line-scenes I watched in this sports family drama films can all happen in reality. I stand corrected. :)

True Story.

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