Saturday, September 22, 2012

Demi Lovato - An Intimate Performance

She was sitting while singing the high notes and sounded so good, what more if she was standing? Greater, I know. 

Oh My efiin' Gosh. Where have I been? So I just watched, shall I call it mini-concert, or sorta short-long performance of one of the greatest female vocalists out there, one of my goddesses, DEMI LOVATO.

I should tell you this, I love how the latest YouTube works. I love how they recommend videos on my home whenever I watch a related video because that's what brings this video to me. 

I ask where have I been because the performance was uploaded last May 18, 2012. Oh, I know, I don't have an internet connection at the time, WHAT A SHAME.

She called this an intimate performance as what she said in the video, performing in a smaller crowd makes it very intimate, she feels like this huge eyeballs are all looking at her unlike what she sees in a larger crowd when she's performing.

Here's the line-up of the songs that she sang in the video:

  • Give Your Heart A Break (Live)
  • Fix A Heart (First Acoustic Live Performance)
  • Catch Me  (Live)
  • Don't Forget  (Live)
  • My Heart Is Like A Star  (Live)
  • Skyscraper  (Live)
  • Give Your Heart A Break (instrumental During the Credits)
It sucks how she performed very shortly. I was craving for more, more of her, more of her very powerful and indestructibly high voice. I wanna see her perform live, in front of me, meet her, take a picture with her and stuffs, but let's see if someday it will all come true. :)

By the way, I can't say much. Just enjoy the performance as much as I enjoyed it. Here's the video from YouTube/Vevo:

VEVO Presents: Demi Lovato - An Intimate Performance

She is just so good and natural whenever she performs live. I can't feel her being nervous the whole show. 

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