Monday, August 06, 2012

Adventure Time with Finn and Jake

Talking about entertainment, Adventure Time is currently my favorite cartoon at the moment. Why? Simply because it's AWESOME! Yes, it is and you can even hear the characters say that word several times during each episode.

It is about a boy named Finn, 13-14 yrs of age, and his dog, Jake, which/who has magical powers and can speak. Well, anyone/anything in this cartoon can speak. As the title suggested, "ADVENTURE TIME" deals with our two main heroes' adventures which is mostly about saving princesses being kidnapped by the Ice King, the main antagonist of the series. The Ice King always "steals" princesses and lock them in his Ice Kingdom so he can marry them. Princess Bubblegum, the ruler of Candy Kingdom, is also the first love interest of our human hero, Finn.

The shows' characters, for me, are drawn simply. It's like drawing and connecting lines and circles and in the end, make a great cartoon character. Lumpy Space Princess (LSP), is just like a cloud or a balloon full of lumps or something.

Look at this simply drawn but wonderfully finished cartoon characters.
Adventure Time's Main Characters
Adventure Time is a kind of cartoon that even adults can or may enjoy. Actually, before the show starts, a clip saying something like this : " Cartoon Network wishes to advise that the following program has been rated PG" or something like that, which means the program contains some contents that is not suitable/need parents to guide their children, is shown. What makes it interesting is that its humor is over the top. It actually makes me laugh especially when someone farts all of a sudden, sings a song with funny lyrics, when the character makes funny faces, and when LUMPY SPACE PRINCESS talks! haha! Her voice is soooo funny.

Over all, this cartoon is simply superb! Kids can enjoy them, teens can enjoy them, and also adults can enjoy them. In short, it's a show that suits for all ages. It is so good and damn funny that I can't barely miss it whenever I'm at home. In my addiction to this cartoon, I even downloaded the song that Baby Finn sang entitled, Tough Tootin' Baby, and I even made it as my phone's ringtone! HAHA.

If I rate this cartoon in the scale of 1-10, I'd go with 9.


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