Monday, October 29, 2012

Little Things by One Direction

And I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks.

One Direction just released, officially, their second single from their upcoming album, Take Me Home, which will be released November 12, 2012. It's so effin' close Directioners!

The song's title is Little Things, which was written by the very talented guy, Ed Sheeran, and he said that the song is about an ex girlfriend, describing all the little things about her he unexpectedly liked no matter how simple, how weird, or how whatever-ish those little things are.

Lyrically, it's so awesome how the words are put up together and create such sweetly made sentences. How awesome it would be to hear those odd little things about you being liked by your own guy? Right? Right? no matter how odd or weird those things are, at least someone is liking it for you, loving you for who you are and what you got.

Musically, it's just acoustically plain and simple which make it great and soulful. That's what I like about such songs, being acoustically recorded without that much edit, dubsteps, autotune, and synthesizers and stuff. Ed is such an awesomely cool singer-songwriter. 

This song is just very sweet and probably surpassed More Than This as my most favorite 1D song.

The lyrics video of the song is cool as well, simply done and old fashionably film-like video. The song's not that fast so we can sing along to the lyric video unlike the other lyric video where I cannot read the lyrics because of how fast the effects and transitions are.

Let's just wait for the boys' music video of the song and just enjoy the official lyric video:

Oh! and btw, currently, Little Things is trending frenzy on twittttaahhhh!

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