Thursday, August 30, 2012

Busy reading 50 Shades Trilogy (We Aim To Please)

We Aim To Please.

50 Shades Trilogy

Ok. So it's been a week since I last posted a post (what else?) in my blog and I just want to say, it's because of the effect and my addiction to this EROTIC LOVE STORY NOVEL that I am reading since Last FRIDAY, 24th of August, 2012. I just finished thefirst book, 50 Shades of Grey, last Sunday, 2nd book, 50 Shades Darker, yesterday and started the Third book, 50 Shades Freed. In my mind, I want to finish the book the hell right now but my subconscious is telling me to read it slowly, savor each lines, feel each paragraph and emotionally read the whole book for this may be the last story I will read about Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, and I'm surprised that my inner god is agreeing with him, doing a triple back flip while skateboarding on an ice skating rink.Oh my gosh, another useless-senseless-crap. lol

Some of the actors the fans want to play for the role of Christian Trevelyan-Grey.
MATT BOMER should play Grey, hands down, even though he's openly gay. 

By the way, I know a lot of people are reading it too, including my friends, and a lot have already read the whole trilogy and patiently waiting til the adaptation film for the said book becomes available in the cinemas. And I am too, is patiently waiting, constantly arguing who shall be the lead casts, and uncontrollably reading the third book. I am so paranoid. I cried once, well, only a tear, while reading the first book, 4 times during the 2nd book and who the hell knows how many times my tear'll fall while reading this damn third book, it might be double than the 2nd book. Preparing my tissues. 

At first, I don't want to read this trilogy, written by E.L. James because it isn't my thing, unlike detective stories, mysteries, thriller, horror , yeah, those are my things. i heard about the book when it trended on twitter because it snatched the record, which is I think "The fastest selling?", not sure though, from the Harry Potter series when Lord Voldemort, yeah, the hilarious epic dud from twitter tweeted it. And also, because my goddess, MILEY CYRUS also read and finished it.  And of course, I hate love story. It makes me cry, embarrasses me all the time. Curse you lovingly-stupid-idiotic-but-obviously-huge heart. I'm too emotional for those kinds of things.

The alternate cover for 50 Shades Freed, the fancy key
probably is for the fancy handcuffs,hence the word FREED, right? 
I tell you, when you begin reading the book in the morning, you won't notice you are still reading the book and it's already midnght. What the f? yeah. That's right. Except if you are a fast reader who can understand the story while reading 89765 words per minute.

But I tell you again, this TRILOGY IS GOOD. It's beyond my expectations. Like the saying, Don't judge the book by its cover especially if it's an EROTIC-LOVE STORY-THRILLER-LUSTFUL novel. I will surely miss the ChristAna love team. 

BYE! I'm going to continue the third book. I don't want to tell about the books because I don't want to spoil you from such great happenings, taking the lust, love, sadness, and emotions away from you, that you will read on it, although I want to warn you there are so many spoilers all over the internet.

KUDOS to E.L. JAMES for writing the book! :)

I FLUSH red, crimson, scarlet, radiant. whatever. I just flush.

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