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"I Miss You", Tears Were Shed

Dear Entertainment Diary,

It's been 5 weeks since the newly hit Koreanovela, "I Miss You", has seen the light of day in Korea and in the internet, and a lot of good feedback has been said, and let's not forget that it is currently rating in Korea every week. Now that it already aired 10 episodes, it has only 10 more episodes to air before it'll end and I'll be one of the saddest fans of this series ever when that thing happens.

Read my first post here: I Miss You.

The series only consists of 20 episodes in total. It already aired half so it means its lifespan will only be 5 weeks long and it'll end in January. 

I already published a post about it and I'm very proud to say that it is one of the top viewed posts in my blog of all time. Thanks so much, readers!

A lot of things had happened in the story during its 5 weeks of airing, including good things and shocking scenes, but it was covered/outnumbered by sad parts as this is a melodramatic series.

I've got to praise the child actors/actresses who portray the main characters in the beginning as they were the ones who touched my heart and made me love this series even more. I'm saddened by the fact that this series only rated when the adult characters appeared. WHY? Because it only means that a lot of people only watch this because of the adult actors/actresses who portrayed the main characters. How about the chilid ones that also gave their best and brought us a great impact in the start? And most of all, how about the story? They missed a lot of dramatic scenes including the death of the special characters that didn't appear in the 5th episode. Damn, I've been keeping this heartache for a very long time and I'm so glad that I cleared it out here. LOL

As I said, a lot of great scenes already happened and the story is lighting up in front of every viewers eyes. The story is clearing its way up in our fantasy and we are getting some answers to every questions in our mind.

I'm not into recaps as it will spoil the people who'll read this but what the heck, this is for you to be more intrigued by what's currently happening in this drama: (SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't watched the episodes yet and don't want to be spoiled, please drag your mouse and click the back button or you may read other posts in this beautifully majestic blog).
  • In the 5th episode, the main characters grew up. Yoon Eun-Hye, Park Yoo-Chun, Yoo Seung-Ho, and Jang Mi In Nae appeared and did their best to continue the great acting by their child opposites.
  •  Soo Yeon and Hyung Joon grew up together in France while Jung Woo and Eun Joo live together in Seoul. Soo Yeon became a very famous designer and changed her name to Zoe while Hyung Joon is a very successful young businessman, changed his name to Harry, leaving both their past behind. Hyung Joo became one of the best police/detective in Seoul so he can find Soo-Yeon and clear things up. Eun Joo became a web cartoonist (?).
  • Years later, Harry and Zoe came back to Seoul because of Hye-Mi's death. (The one who took crae of them when they were young or I think she only sticked for the money.)
  • At the moment, Jung Woo is very determine to get Soo Yeon back especially now that he knows that Zoe is really Soo Yeon.
  • The kidnapper who also raped Soo Yeon was released after years in prison. He was bumped by Harry's car and he stole Zoe's phone. On the night of that same day, he called at Harry's house and wanted Zoe to come to him, so he could get more money and planning a very slutty thing to do to her. But, he was killed by an unknown intruder.
  • Zoe was listed as a suspect after she was caught in a black box (CCTV) in the building's garage.
  • The killer used Soo-Yeon's mother's name and Jung Woo's computer to make this case connected to Soo Yeon's incident.
  • Zoe/Soo yeon now knows that Harry and Jung Woo are relatives and she became very angry to Harry to the point that she locked herself up in her room and didn't open it even though Harry keeps on frustratingly banging the door.
  • Soo Yeon and her mom finally met each other in episode 10. She now knows that Zoe and Soo Yeon  are only one person and kept it a secret, even to Jung Woo.
  • Harry is now taking his step closer to the Han family, beginning his revenge for the death of his mother and also, for his magical limping foot
and lastly:
  • The identity of the killer is now known to the public and Jung Woo is now in danger as he was electrocuted by her with a stun gun. (Yes, all through out the episodes, they know that the killer is a girl/woman but I won't say it here.) :)
That's all for it now, I'll continue to watch this drama until the end since I love Yoon Eun-Hye that much and I'm starting to be a fan of Yoo-Choon. I just love his somewhat-chubby-chins! He is such a great actor, and he's also one of the play maker in this series. He's also good at making the viewers laugh!

So far, great actors, great story, great script. I Miss You, all the way to the end! :)

Screencaps were from Asianwiki:


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