Sunday, December 09, 2012

It's OK Pacquiao!

All we can do now is move on and aim higher.

Dear Entertainment Diary,

Earlier today, we watched the most awaited boxing event of the year, which is "The Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4", the fourth match of the two boxers.

I am not into sports especially boxing but I always watch when it comes to Pacquiao as he is one of our country's pride. I am very excited to watch him win today, but to my horror, he lost to Marquez. He was knocked out seconds before the 6th round ended.

People were all shocked to what they saw, to what we saw. Instead of the usual stuff like shouting and applauding after the fight, many were dismayed. Manny Pacquiao? Knocked out? Well, during the beginning of the match, he already fell down once or twice, I think, but I didn't expect him to be knocked out. Damn, this is the first time that he was knocked out in their four fights. 

I don't have to tell more about the event because I know many or probably all of you have watched it but, even though Pacman lost, he still is our Nation's pride. He gained himself 8 boxing world titles/the first 8th division world champion and he's even included in the Guinness World Records.

What I hate after the fight were the tweets and posts all over the internet about Pacquaio and this planking things where people post pictures of them, planking, just like how Pacquaio fell down for a minute or two.  When Pacquiao won, we, Filipinos, didn't do or trend stupid things like #ChilloComoLaEsposaDePaquiao (Squealed Like Pacquiao's Wife), #RetoPacquiao (Pacquiao Challenge) and #SufroComoLaEsposaDePacquiao (Suffer as Pacquiao's Wife). Well, I can't do anything about it. 

But the questions still remain. Will this 6th round knock out by Marquez end Pacquiao's boxing career or will be there a #PacMarquez5? Will this be the last fight for our boxing champ? What made him lose? Are boxing, politics, and showbiz not made to be mixed at the same time? What will he choose?

As to whatever the answers are, we can't change the fact that he made his fellow Filipino proud, including me. Way to Go Pacquiao. You prove yourself enough, and we appreciate it. :)

I only saw the trends and their translations of Facebook and twitter, by the way.


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