Thursday, December 13, 2012

I Knew You Were Trouble. MV by Taylor Swift

Dear Entertainment Diary,

You don't know what I've been through just to watch this latest and, also, 23rd music video of our beloved pop-country superstar, Taylor Swift! I've been waiting for this like, a long time, ever since I read Tay-tay's tweet about doing a brand new video and I learned that it'll premiere worldwide in MTV and VEVO on her 23rd birthday.

So, I woke up this morning, (Philippine Time), and opening my laptop was the first thing I did. Yep, not brushing my teeth, nor rinsing my face. That's how I love Tay-tay. It's just that I am very friggin' excited to watch her new video but to my dismay, when I looked it up on, the video is not available on my region! UGH! Unfortunately, I live in Narnia. Next time, I'll be moving to Lumpy Space in the land of Ooo and test if I can watch the premiering videos.

So, obviously I was struggling hard so I searched everywhere and I saw some on YouTube but I'm not very satisfied with the quality, probably because it was ripped off from their TV's. I saw another, but it's only 3+ minutes long. A 2 minute shorter than the original length of the video. Meaning, the prologue was cut and edited out.

And, you know me, I will not give up and crumble on a cold hard ground unlike what Taylor did. I used VPN to hide my country and surf anonymously and guess what? I watched the whole video on the MTV site! Bwahahahaha! So, who's smart now?

Anyways, enough with my dramatically insane story. I'm going to embed the whole video below and I just hope it's available in your country/region. :) If not, I suggest you use VPN too. :)

About the video:

Ok, so about the video. I LOVED IT. Normally, when I play and sing this song, I never think that it's a very hard and painful experience for the singer. I think it's a fun and quirky song where the singer is dissing her ex but as I watched the video, I felt Taylor's struggles. I felt how she felt the pain and troubles that knocked her out in the cold hard ground. Her latest video is a new transition from Taylor's old videos. She even turned punk in it! The acting was very dramatically executed and emotions were scattering all over the places! Gosh, tay-tay, you really are one of the best-EST!

Here is my post about the song when it was a promotional single: I Knew You Were Trouble.

Here is the video from YouTube guys:

Here is from

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