Thursday, March 07, 2013

It Takes A Man and A Woman Official Music Video by Sarah Geronimo

Dear Entertainment Diary,

Explain simplicity? Simply, it's Sarah Geronimo! I always like this girl ever since she started in the industry and I've got to say that she is one of the few OPM Legit singers that I love and look up to. 

I watched her first 2 movies with John Lloyd Cruz and now, I'm pretty much excited to watch the continuation/3rd part of the Laida-Miggy love story!

We all know that the titles of their two films were taken from songs, A Very Special Love and You Changed My Life, and understandably, the third is also taken from one, It Takes A Man and A Woman. The theme song is sung by Sarah, again, and she gave justice to it just like in her previous movie theme songs, as well!

The song and the music video were simply sung and shot, and that's what I like about Sarah. No matter how simple she performs, we can always see sparks everywhere.

The music video, as I said, is very simple, but the characters in it performed very well and we can see the different emotions, especially love, everywhere. KILIG TO THE BONES! I mean, it's been so long since their last blockbuster film was released, and I'm pretty excited to this third installment, and I'm hoping it would not be the last of Laida and Miggy in the big screen. There's just the spark and chemistry between the two of them, and even though we all know that John Lloyd is in a relationship right now, both of them just acted so naturally good in the music video. And we only just saw the music video, what more if we see the whole film?

Well, bottom-line, I liked it and I'm very looking forward for the film, It Takes A Man and A Woman. Go Ashlloyd!

Here's the Music Video:


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