Thursday, March 28, 2013

The Way MV (2013 Song by Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller

Image courtesy of wikipedia

Dear Entertainment Diary,

So, been hearing rave reviews and comment, especially on twitter, about Ariana's new song, "The Way", and actually right now, it's one of the top trending topics on twitter. (Proud Of The Way) #ProudOfTheWay.

Technically, I am a fan (but not that much) of this girl when I first saw her on Victorious. I love her song Put Your Hearts Up, and her version song / when she sang the demo version of Demi's You're My Only Shorty and damn, when you hear her sing, her voice is just powerfully RNB-ish especially when you hear her belting all those high notes.

Now, on this new single by her ft Mac Miller, I was actually blown away. I actually am hoping for a typical pop song but I heard was Mariah Carey's voice and style of singing! Yes, and a lot of people agree, right? She sounds like Mariah in her new song, and t is pretty darn good! But,  just hope her next songs would differ from Marah's vocals and styles as we want singers with unique voice and talents. But,  love this song and t's on repeat and up till now, I'm still amazed how she sounds like Mariah here.

It's just so good that the Nickelodeon Princess is soaring high and leaving a pop/bubblegum style in music and instead embracing the more adult (not that much) type of RNB and she can now be compared to Mariah. Not that she's as good as her but she'll get to it one day as I believe in Ariana's talent.

Meanwhile, here is the official music video of the song, enjoy:


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