Saturday, April 06, 2013

Come and Get It by Selena Gomez (2013 Song)

Dear Entertainment Diary,

When you're ready, Come and Get It.

So obviously, Sel let her lovely Selenators hear her first single from her upcoming fourth studio album, Come and Get It, which is actually going to be officially released on April 8! I dunno if it leaked or Sel just can't wait for her fans to hear it but I'm just pretty darn happy she stopped our agony from patiently waiting for this song!

Pretty much, the song sounds like Hilary Duff's song, Stranger. I guess it's because of that Indian music style and all. Come and Get It is a mid tempo pop which is way more far away from her previous songs! But I still can hear her auto-tuned voice, but then again, they use it for the better. The chorus is also repetitive, as usual just like other Selena's songs, but it's still groovy enough to jive in and I think only sexy tempting dance moves can suit the song.

She's ready to sing this song on MTV Movie Awards on April 14, for the first time, and on April 16 on The Ellen Show. Selenators, get ready for 2013 as your queen is now back for giving you her tasteful music!

You can check my first post about this song/lyrics here: Come and Get It.

Listen to it here: (for promotional purposes only and  don't own the uploaded file)

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Selena Gomez


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