Monday, April 15, 2013

Grave Encounters 2 (2012 Film)

Dear Entertainment Diary,

OK. So the other day, we watched this movie I downloaded months ago, Grave Encounters 2, which is obviously the sequel to the 2011 horror film, Grave Encounters.

I actually and unbelievably liked the first film which we watched a couple of years ago via web and damn, I was actually got scared and many scenes startled me. After watching it, I actually thought that it was based from a true story because it was so realistically made and there are no unbelievable scenes. I think most of the scenes from the first film are true as I thought they can really happen but to my dismay, Grave Encounters 2 made me feel the opposite. 

The first 20-40 minutes of the film is so boring and the supernatural scenes, although almost perfectly made, are very unbelievable and unrealistic which made me hate the film. It didn't have the idea which can be found in its predecessor.

I just wish they stick the blueprints they used in the first film. Oh, and some acting are actually bad, actually.

Alex Wright is a film student who got obsessed to the film, Grave Encounters. He believes that the film is actually true and search for clues and evidences to prove it. He then interviewed the producer of the first film, who didn't know that he was being recorded by Alex, and admits that the whole crew that appeared in the first film gone missing and never returned. Because of this,  he wanted to make a film about it, which he wanted to serve as a sequel. What they thought would be as easy as pie investigation actually turned worst as they were killed one by one and manipulated by the ghosts inside the hospital for the sake of finishing the film. #DeathAwaits
Cast: (source: Wikipedia)

Richard Harmon as Alex Wright, a university student and filmmaker who becomes obsessed with the previous film.
Leanne Lapp as Jennifer Parker, a fellow student who is in love with Alex.
Sean Rogerson as Lance Preston, having survived, he has gone insane after being trapped in the hospital for nine years.
Dylan Playfair as Trevor Thompson, Alex's best friend and cameraman.
Stephanie Bennett as Tessa Hamill, Jennifer's friend.
Howie Lai as Jared Lee, Alex's second cameraman.
Sean Tyson as the guard stationed at the hospital.
Ben Wilkinson as Jerry Hartfield.
Arthur Corber as Dr. Friedkin.
Brenda McDonald as Mrs. Rogerson.
Collin Minihan & Stuart Ortiz as The Vicious Brothers.

There are many unrealistic scenes in this film including the part where they are being chased by a giant ghost, the part where they are n the elevator of the hotel then suddenly got back in the hospital when the elevator door opened. The part where there is a black hole kind of thingy sucking them up The part where a person lived for 10 years just by eating rats and his body is still physically fit. And the list still goes on. Watch it if you want but I wished I passed.

Image source: Wikipedia.


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