Monday, November 12, 2012

I Miss You (2012 Korean TV Series)

I'm not crying because I'm sad. It's because of the wind. It's making my eyes water.

Dear Entertainment Diary,

I can't believe myself for watching a TV Show that's very insanely dramatic. I'm talking about the new Korean drama which recently just started airing on MBC last week, Nov. 7, 2012 , I Miss You / Missing You

I'm a fan of  Yoon -Eun-hye ever since I watched Coffee Prince. I also like Lie To Me which is one of the funniest, sweetest, and addicting Koreanovela I've ever watched. And also her film, My Black Mini Dress / My Little Black Dress which in my opinion has a very good message especially when it comes to friendship. So, now tell me, is it very obvious that I watched it because of her? LOL

Actually, I knew about her new drama on 
Facebook probably a month ago?  The Filipino page of Lie To Me and other pages that I "liked" and got dubbed and aired on GMA keep on (until now) promoting a new page of her latest drama, and that is I Miss You. At first I don't want to watch it because I'm not that into drama and I know how dramatically I get when watching this kind of stuff. But hey, I still am intrigued so I decided to look for the show online if it's first 2 episodes were already uploaded in any sites with English subs and I don't know but I felt happy when I saw it's now available! Yipee. Huzzah.

Again I don't want to spoil you and all so here's the plot from Asianwiki:
15-year-old  Soo-Yeon (Kim So-Hyun) is a victim of bullying at school. They target her, because her father is a murderer. Soo-Yeon has an ally in Jung-Woo (Yeo Jin-Ku), who always protects her from the bullies. Soo-Yeon and Jung-Woo are in love, but due to an unexpected accident they become separated. Now as adults they meet again through destiny.
Jung-Woo (Park Yoo-Chun) is now a detective and his first love has always remained in the back of his mind. Soo-Yeon (Yoon Eun-Hye) is now a rookie fashion designer who tries to have a bright personality, but still carries emotional scars inside of her. Hyung-Joon (Yoo Seung-Ho) is Soo-Yeon's lover, who appears warm and nice, but he will try to take vengeance upon Jung-Woo.
To tell you all the truth, I'm not good at remembering Korean names or any other Asian names aside from Tagalog and Filipino names. I only remember Asian actors by faces and in what shows I've watched that they starred in. Crazy, huh? I'm so into Asian but my mind doesn't agree with it. HAHA! 

Ok, so again, primarily, the main reason why I watched this show is because of Eun-hye, and I didn't even looked or searched about it on wiki before watching it to avoid spoilers. Basically, everything that I have watched and witnessed, including the story and the characters, are all new to me and up to now, it's not yet finished sinking in my head! :D

I got so psyched up when I saw the two young characters/actors from Moon Embracing The Sun are also the ones acting out as the young protagonists. I think it's ironic because in the koreanovela METS, they hated each other but here, they are like friends and even have love interests for each other.

I also recognized the two actors acting as fathers in this series, the one from the Baker King and the other from Temptation of an Angel. 

I was expecting of a not-so-heavy drama before I started watching it but when I saw the first scene, God, what have I done? Why did I clicked the video and started watching this drama. I got very emotional attached that easily on the characters before the dialogues even began that I also felt the beatings, the bullying, and the sadness felt by the young Soo-yeon. 

For me, it's a great story about family, friendship, and true love. I love how the ensemble actors act their part  that it is very heart-felting. Very sincere. All the cast are all doing fine and great and dandy especially the young ones. I can't believe that I'm loving the actress that I hates on METS before. What a bi-pop. 

I'm very emotionally attached already to the characters and story of this series that I can't even wait to watch the next episode.3rd and 4th for this week. But it still needs some time to wait for the episodes to be uploaded with English subs.

Well, I think I typed everything I can share with and as much as I want to tell you about many things I just witnessed from the 1st and 2nd episodes, sorry, but I'm not a spoiler. :) If you are looking for the recaps, it's all over the internet  but I suggest you to skip doing that and instead, go watch it and feel the emotions in your veins and shed some tears! Get your handkerchiefs and tissues! I already cried once, btw. LOL

Oh, and I'm going to start my posts with Dear Entertainment Diary from now on, starting with this post! :D

Cast: (from asianwiki):

Park Yoo-Chun - Han Jung-Woo
Yoon Eun-Hye - Lee Soo-Yeon  
Yoo Seung-Ho - Kang Hyung-Joon  
Jang Mi In Nae - Kim Eun-Joo

Han Jin-Hee - Han Tae-Joon  
Song Ok-Suk - Kim Myung-Hee  
Do Ji-Won - Hwang Mi-Ran

Cha Hwa-Yeon - Kang Hyun-Joo  
Jeon Kwang-Leol - Kim Sung-Ho  
Kim Sun-Kyung - Jung Hye-Mi

Lee Se-Young - Han Ah-Reum
Yeo Jin-Ku - Han Jung-Woo (young)
Kim So-Hyun - Lee Soo-Yeon (young)
Ahn Do-Kyu - Kang Hyung-Joon (young)
Yu Yeon-Mi - Kim Eun-Joo (young)

The images used are taken from and
I don't own the copyrights for the images used and the credits still go to their respective owners.
(c) MBC.

Oh. P.S. I hate my laptop for freezing while  watching it. UGH! It's very old model so clearly I already need a job!!! And also, I'm starting to hate google chrome for the buzzing sounds I hear while streaming videos. What seems to be the problem with chrome? Other browsers are working fine. :(


Ariel See said...

Park Yoochun and Eun Hye s a perfect match. I'm really addicted to this series after I watched the few episodes of it online.

I used to watch on dramafever, but now I'm watching it on filebook. Try it there.

Arjay said...

I'm watching on and so far, im satisfied. even though,
ill try your link, man. :) thanks! and yeh, they are both perfect for each other.

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