Thursday, September 27, 2012

Liar Game Season 2

So I am currently watching the Season 2 of Liar Game (I have a post about its 1st Season in the past). 

Truth be told, I enjoyed watching its previous season and now, I'm loving it more probably because the current season is way funnier especially the facial expressions of the casts and more importantly during the scenes where they are explaining the tricks, schemes, or even the game/round. Many characters from the previous season returned to reprise their roles especially Erika Toda and Matsuda Shota as the two protagonists Nao Kanzaki and Shinichi Akiyama respectively, and including Michiko Kichise as Eri, as the very beautiful LGT Secretariat.

Liar Game Season 2 is about the a continuation of the the game that they thought they had already escaped two years earlier. The Liar Game players are already living their own lives like as it was before the damned game started and they thought it is already finished since they know who was the one started it and made them compete involuntarily. But one day, Nao received an invitation from the LGT Office stating that the round 4 of the game is going to begin. She hesitated on joining at first since they did everything to escape from the previous round and also because Shinichi is nowhere to be found. Nao later decided to join the game again after realizing there is something she must do, "to help and save the new players from the LGT". On the way to the venue, she met a mysterious player who is introduced in the semi-beginning of the episode as a psychology teacher Ryo Katsuragi. When Nao reached her destination, she is then teamed up with Fukunaga (also a previous player who they befriended/fought with) and Shinichi who participated in the game again to know who the real person/s behind the Liar Game is/are.

I haven't finished the series yet and currently in episode 4 that's why I can't tell many things about it but I can assure you that if you watch this series, you'll enjoy it as much as you enjoy watching the 1st season. More plots are being weave and added since the beginning and the psychological stuffs are getting more interesting than  the previous. The stupidity of the characters, as well as the harshness of explaining the logical schemes made by the characters or being full of themselves are more comical. So far, the only difference between the 2 seasons is Nao now knows (tongue twister?) how to fool people all by herself unlike in the first season where she can't even lie without the help of Akiyama.

Right now, several questions are clouding inside my mind.
  • Will they make it to the final stage, or should I ask, will this season show the final stage or should I watch the movie Liar Game:  The Final Stage to know and answer this damn question?
  • Will Nao and Shinichi end up being lovers in the end? I've been asking this question since watching last season and got disappointed.
  • Is Ryo and Shinichi were close friends in the past or are they related to each other?
  • Why is the LGT Secretariat didn't play as the dealer during the Round 4?
  • Why is the dealer in round 4 looks so weird? Why is she wearing too much make-up? She looks like a clown.
  • Why is the final stage called as Garden of Eden and what is the importance if the apple being shown in some of the episodes?

These are some of the questions clouding up inside my head and I desperately wanna know the answers but right now I can't watch it cause I need to rest. LOL
Nothing much more to say since its just like its previous season. Same theme, genre, and all. :)

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